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  • April30th

    This Saturday, the Chunkster and I will be out at Citi Field from 11-3pm. I'm pretty psyched to meet everyone. If you're in the area, swing by and hang out. Parking is free, so no worries. It's my first "real" gig since starting here at my new station 923 now fm. Yay!!

    Check out the Mets' brand new field. Fancy shmancy.


    Citi Field is located at HERE.

  • April30th


    Christina Applegate is the most beautiful person in the world (according o People magazine). Michelle Obama, Ciara, Eva Mendes, Angelina, and the gals of 90210 all made the list too. I love that some of them were photographed without make-up. It's refreshing to see what they look like au natural. Good issue. Pick it up NOW.


  • April29th


    SJP has confirmed that there will be a sequel! Hoooray! Looks like Mr. Big (and the guys) are on board too.

    "After months of speculations, "Sex and the City 2" has got thumbs up earlier this year with all four main actresses, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon,
    agreeing to make their return. Writer/director Michael Patrick King has
    also been set to tackle the sequel. The shooting could begin this
    summer for a May 28, 2010 U.S. release".

  • April29th

    sevin nyne

    Posted in: Beauty


    Look! Lindsay Lohan's self tanning line "Sevin Nyne" is finally out. Come on, it can't be THAT good could it? Check out these reviews. Do you think the chicks buying this are all just Lindsay's friends/fans? She's a hot mess these days, but as long as girlfriend can look good, what else really matters right?? I need to phone a friend..that friend being Mike McKay from my beloved Sephora. He'll tell me the real deal with this stuff. Stand by.