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  • January31st

    I’ve never heard Stu talk about a cake with such passion like he has about this Milky Way cake.


    His personal baker co-worker, Sarah made this Milky Way cake for the office last week, and my husband hasn’t stopped taking about it since. You can read about his life changing cake moment here.

    Stu’s birthday is next week (2/9) and Sarah has offered to make him her famous heart attack in a bunt cake pan Milky Way cake. What a lucky guy! Boy, he sure is loved. This is a win win situation for both of us. He gets his magical cake, and I’m off the hook of making him one :0)

  • January31st

    Luna, I Love You!

    Posted in: Food

    It’s Monday. Ugh. I don’t know why I react the same way every Monday. It’s not like Monday’s are going anywhere. Sigh…

    I have to get home by 5 today, because the Comcast dude didn’t do his job (Saturday morning) and hook up our new tivo the correct way. I can’t tell you how much I missed watching HGTV and The Hallmark Channel yesterday. Sigh (again.) Basic cable is the pits.

    Oh, Luna bars how I love you.

    Lisa <3's Luna's

    On the bright side, I’ve fallen in love with the new Chocolate dipped coconut Luna Bar. It’s extraordinary! I came across it Friday afternoon at Smoothie King in Penn station. I wanted something chocolatey but not a candy bar. Score. I bought 3 bars and then ordered a case when I got home. Please note that I did not eat all three bars at once. They held me over nicely through yesterday :0)

    yummy in my tummy

    What’s your favorite kind of bar?

  • January30th

    Thank God for the Bucks County Road Runners. If it weren’t for them, there’s no way in hell I’d be running 9.3 miles today. Just had my usual english muffin with pb & banana. Can’t forget my pack of chomps and a gu. Those will be my secret to getting through this run. I haven’t run more than 8 miles since the beginning of November. Meh.

    Yesterday we went up to West Chester county to visit my mother-in-law at her new place. Despite the 2:20 hr ride up and back, it was worth it. Always good to see Ann Marie.

    Stu and his momma

    Hi Mom 2

    On our way home last night, we ordered sushi take out. Who says you can’t have the same 2 rolls 3 times in one week?

    spicy crab roll and futo maki roll

    I ate these same two rolls Wednesday night, Thursday night and last night. Whooofc. They’re good.

    nom nom nom


    Off to conquer a chilly 9.3. A mani and pedi are waiting in the future. The thought of pink toes will get me through this :0)

    Have a great Sunday!

  • January29th

    Happy Saturday!

    Running 5 on the treadmill is not the same as running 5 outside on the road. That sucked.

    Last night we met  up with friends and had din at our favorite place ever, Seasons 52.

    Jayme, Will and I

    Jayme lives in (on) Staten Island and had never been to NJ (or Seasons 52) until last night. Isn’t that bananas? I don’t know what’s more shocking, not visiting Jerz or dining at Seasons! Will and his roommate Bryan are moving up to NY next weekend so it was their last “real weekend” in the burbs. Will lives in Marlton and commutes into NY everyday. We had to have one last hah-rah. We shut down the place. Reservations were at 7:30 and we didn’t leave until 11:30. They were practically kicking us out. Can’t say I blame them. I was a server back in the day. I used to hate people like us that would stay all night.

    Most of us got the filet. So good! Like, extra good. I practically licked my plate clean.

    this is the meal I get the most. I love my meat!

    My friend Nicole (aka “Nic the web chick”) joined us too!

    one of my closest friends :0)

    Group shot

    fun times

    I’m getting a blow out (yes, yes, yes!) and then we’re off to visit my mother-in-law at her new crib in NY.

    Have a fantastic Saturday guys!