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  • February28th

    I’m just gonna say it. Gaga’s bod is smokin‘ in this vid’!!!! For real. She looks phenomenal. Guess all that yoga and eating well has paid off! DAMN!

    If you missed my chat with Lady Gaga (from 2 weeks ago,) listen to it here. She talks about losing 10 lbs. her craving for In-And-Out Burger and her latest Viva Glam lipstick for MAC. Good stuff. After you listen to the interview, then you can watch the “Born this Way” video, okay??

  • February28th

    As you know, Saturday night was our big dinner at Sweet Lorraine’s, located in Peddler’s Village.

    It was SOOO GOOOD!! We really lucked out with two fantastic restaurants this weekend. Seriously, how is it possible that we’ve lived in Bucks county for 5 years and have never eaten at Sweet Lorriane’s? Tragic and it will NEVER happen again.

    What’s dinner without an app? Stu insisted on the red pepper hummus & pita. I opted for a dinner salad with ranch dressing ots (on the side.) Oh wait, before our apps came out, we got hooked up with homemade cornbread. Let the carb loading begin folks!

    Team Carb

    The hummus is heavenly & the homemade pita bread was killer.

    My salad. Simple and scrumptious.


    For dinner, I had the blackened salmon with a side of bok choy (my new favorite root veggie btw.)

    Yay for Omega 3's!

    As you can see, I hated it.

    Stu got the veggie meatloaf. Vegetarain approved.

    I stole a bite when Stu got up to use the restroom. I'm sneaky like that.

    Ann Marie got the homemade mac & cheese. It came with a side of meeet-ah balls!!

    Look at all that calcium.

    To top things off, we ended our epic dinner with a big bowl of apple bread pudding (I think that’s what it’s called.) It had tons of chopped apples, candied walnuts and ice cream. Enough said.

    Huge portion made for sharing.

    We had a great time at Sweet Lorraine’s. The service was excellent and the food was nothing short of phenom. If you’re looking to sneak away one weekend, I highly suggest you come out to Bucks county. New Hope, Lambertville and Peddler’s Village are where it’s at. Two words: family friendly. Between the quaint little shops, cozy restaurants and plenty of things to do with the kiddos, you’ll “fall in love with Bucks county.” Don’t hate me because I live here :0) I’m one lucky gal!

    Until next time Sweet Lorriane's! Thank you!!

    To make reservations at Sweet Lorraine’s, click here.

    P.S. The deck is opening next month and they have a ridonk happy hour! I’ll drink to that…with a shirley temple of course!

    To keep up with everything going on in Bucks county, follow my friends, @BucksHappening and @Villageinsider.

    Where’s your favorite weekend place to visit?

  • February28th

    Good Morning people!

    Today I’m 16 weeks pregnant!! March 30th is when we’re finding out the sex of our little peanut. March better fly by! I’m so anxious/excited/nervous/happy/joyful and completely thrilled. My 16 week baby blog will be posted later this evening.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous in PA. I think it’s safe to say (knock on wood,) that all the snow is behind us and spring is well in it’s way.

    Here are a few pic’s I took last April (7th to be exact.) Oh, fabulous flowers, how I’ve missed you so.

    tulips are the cutest flowers

    you can't argue that

    cherry blossom tree?

    we had to replace this tree last fall because it died. So sad. I'll miss the pretty pink blooms this year

    What’s a photo gallery without a few mugs of the monster dogs?

    "You gonna give me a treat or what mom?'

    "Who cares about treats. This is the life. The sun feels so good."

    Hope these made you smile.

    Off to conquer the day. Have a good one!


  • February27th

    Today should totally be Saturday. These weekends are just too darn short.

    My day started off early once again. So strange. It’s the weekend, there is no reason why I should be getting up at 6:27.

    Anyway, I figured since I was up, I might as well get my 6 miles out of the way. I ate 4 medjool dates, as my pre-run fuel, and was off like a bat outta hell.

    Post run I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with sliced banana and almond milk. I’ve been a on a huge cereal kick lately.

    P.S. I’m quickly falling in love with medjool dates. Do they all have pits? I got these darling little dates from Trader Joe’s. They’d be even better without the annoying pits. Pits are the literally, the pits!

    my sister calls these "beetles."

    My mom-in-law and I are getting mani’s and pedi’s this afternoon. Today is the only day I have free to get this very important mission accomplished. I must have freshly painted piggy’s before we leave for Tampa. I hope my salon has O.P.I.’s new Texas collection. The colors are bright and beautiful.

    It's a no brainer that I would love the Texas collection. Dallas is my favorite city, duh.

    I meant to post these pic’s of the monster dogs last week. My bad. I’m a slacker. Hopefully they’ll make up for my lack of motivation. Enjoy!

    Hello blog friends

    Old man Miles. He'll be 4 y/o on March 26th

    "Mom, are you ever going to stop taking pictures of me?"

    “No Phoebe. Never.”

    Good color for MIles.

    my bud

    "seriously, when is this going to be over?'

    My dogs need their own calender. I gotta work on that.
    Oh, and my review of Sweet Lorriane’s will be up later. We had dinner there last night and it was unreal!
    Have a great Sunday guys!