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  • March31st


    Ahh, today has been crazy. The studio has been one gigantic rotating door of people coming in to congratulate me. I’d be lying if told you I didn’t love all this attention, haha.

    An unexpected surprise happened to me this morning when I got on the subway. A sweet older lady gave up her seat for me because she saw that I was pregnant. I insisted on standing, but she insisted I sit. So I sat. Not many New Yorkers people do that these days. It was a random act of kindness that really made my morning. Thank you nice lady!

    I’m getting pumped for tonight’s, PWP event. I can’t believe it was just four short months ago that we had the last one. Thanks to all my PA and Jersey friends who are schlepping it into the city to attend. You’re awesome! I promise, tonight’s event will definitely be worth the hike. We’re already planning ahead for my last PWP (event before little Zach arrives.) It will be sometime in July. Awesome, by then I’ll be as big as a house :0)

    Hot summer days + commuting into NYC + being pregnant = a very moody LP

    Saturday my friend Cynthia, (Zach’s God Momma) and I are starting my baby registry. YAY!! I’m so excited to get it going. Deciding on his nursery theme is what I’m dealing with at the moment. There are so many options, designs, colors and furniture choices to pick from. It’s very overwhelming. Gah.

    Thanks again for all the nursery website suggestions, btw. They are very helpful!

    Have a great day everyone!!

  • March30th

    Hii guys!!

    I’m on cloud nine right now. This has been the most exciting night ever ever ever!!!

    We’re having a….



  • March30th

    His Name Is…

    Posted in: Baby

    His name will be Zachary Charles. Zach for short. Charles was my grandpa’s name. He passed away 20 years ago. I always knew that if I had a boy, I would name him after my amazing grandpa.

    Zachary comes from the Hebrew name, meaning “Remembrance of the lord”.

    This is one name we both agree on and really love. Zach has been a favorite of ours for years. So yeah, Zach is my new little man!

    Thank you all for the ridiculously awesome comments and sweet messages. He looks great. I could stare at ultra sound screen and watch him move around all day. It’s fascinating! Zach’s got such a handsome little spinal cord and he has long legs too. He was kicking me as we watched him on the ultra sound. I’ll show you pic’s this weekend. Very cool. It’s the Zach attack! Ha, ha!

    My PWP event is tomorrow (or tonight depending on if you’re reading this Thursday.) I will post a vlog this weekend, I promise. There are so many fun ultra sound pic’s to share. Plus, you have to see my growing belly. Wowzas.

    Now, on to the fun stuff. What theme should we go with for his nursery?

    Pottery Barn Kids is outta control cute. Here are a few rooms that caught my eye. Nothing’s definite yet, just getting some ideas. I’m open to any and all websites that can give me a little more direction, so if you have any in mind, shoot over my way will ya? Thanks.

  • March30th

    I swear to God, Wiz Khlalifa almost got me high as a kite during this interview. No joke! His strong herbal scent radiated from his clothes. Even the entourage of guys he came “rolling” in with reeked of pot. Gross! I was scared for my baby, ha! I didn’t beat around the bush though, I called WIZ OUT!

    the only green I like to smell is a honeydew melon candle from Yankee Candle

    Don’t get me wrong, Wiz is the nicest guy ever, but that’s no surprise, he’s always high. HIGH=RELAXED & CHILL.

    Fun interview nonetheless. Remind me to NEVER sit on the right (your left) side again. Worst camera angle ever. Sorry that 90% of this segment is of the back of my head. Fail.