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  • May31st

    It was another fun and fab visit with my favorite NY’er Shontelle. She stopped by the 923NOW studios last week to perform a special acoustic performance for a handful of her biggest fans. Shontelle is an absolute DOLL I tell ya! We had fun catching up.

    Pre-Zach Attach

    heeey ya'all

    Post- Zach Atttach

    who's in there?

    We like to talk tropicality.

  • May31st

    Say What??

    Posted in: Baby

    I don’t consider this “rude” per se, just an honest opinion I guess. Some people just need to zip it.

    PS: I’m 29 weeks today! 77 more days to go! Baby vlog later. PROMISE!

    What’s the rudest thing someone has ever said to you while pregnant? Please humor me.


  • May31st

    Happy post Memorial Day!

    Omg, it’s almost June!

    We were so busy cleaning out the basement over the weekend, I didn’t have a chance (until now) to blog. Sowwry. Brandon and his friend Richie drove down Saturday to help us out. Thank God for little brothers! We put them to work big time, and I’m happy to report that the basement is officially done- completely cleared out. It took us four days total (2 weekends,) to sift through everything… right down to Stu’s coin collection (that he forgot he had.) We found three huge boxes that contained old love letters, cards, pictures, wedding invites, and even the unity candle we lit at our wedding ceremony. So many memories within those plastic bins. We obviously saved all the sentimental stuff. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that the basement is finally empty organized. We have so much crap to giveaway and donate, it’s not even funny. I made 3 separate trips to local clothing dumpsters yesterday and unloaded 15 bags. While the guys worked on the basement, I went through every room in the house and got rid of even more stuff. You should see all the tupperware, glasses and plates I got rid of. I figured, why not? We have this huge ridiculous dumpster for a few more weeks, I should take advantage of it. Between passing my spinning assessment and getting the basement organized, I feel super accomplished. Now I can breath.

    Oh, and on the Zach front, we’re having the 4D ultra sound done this Saturday, and next Monday his nursery is getting painted. I’ll post before and after pic’s. All in all, we’re making good progress.

    Hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend. How gorg was the weather?? Love.

  • May28th

    Hello gorgeous! Happy Saturday!

    I woke up super early (after going to bed around 12:30am.) I swear, with this sunny warm weather, it makes getting out of bed so much easier.

    Big news! I passed my spinning assessment test last night! That means that I’m an official certified spinning instructor now!  Ironic too, because my spinner FIT bike came yesterday! Perfect timing. My certification will take 3-4 weeks to process and receive.  In the meantime, my friend Diana  (who is the group exercise instructor at my gym) said I could teach through a few songs during her spinning classes to get used to being in front of a group (which is more than fine with me.) I don’t expect to be teaching a ton of classes between now and Zach’s arrival. I am 7.5 months pregnant, ya know, haha. I’m so happy that I got this certification out of the way before Zach gets here though. It’s a huge relief, and now that I’ve got my own bike at home, I can practice my rides and stay fit until I can get “in the saddle” for real and instruct my own class (es.) post baby.

    giddy up

    Is there anything you’ve really wanted to do and one day took the plunge and did it? That’s how I felt about getting certified with spinning. It’s been something I’ve wanted for so long, and now that I’ve accomplished this mini little goal of mine, I feel that much more inspired and motivated.

    Off to a spinning class now, and then lots of errands. Have a great day!