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  • June30th

    Is it Friday yet??

    I can’t wait to start vacation. While I’m away, some of my favorite “blends” (blog friends) will be guest posting in my place. The ladies I’ve asked to contribute are writers to my favorite blogs. You’ll love them, I promise.

    A few things:

    My “Z” necklace- I get a lot of questions about it. It’s made by a woman named Nashelle. I first discovered her line of jewelery 4 years ago at my second pwp event. South Moon Under (in Philly,) sells her stuff so if you’re ever in the city, make sure you stop in and take a gander. The first necklace I bought was a 2 charmed one. The charms were a star and an L. I loved it so much, I ordered another necklace with just an “S” on it (for Stu.) Now that we’ve got a little bambino on the way, it was definitely time to add a “Z” charm to my collection.

    pretend this is an L, S or Z, okay?

    Please excuse my new cleavage. Can you see the Z???

    praying my big boobies last

    Depending on where you get the Nashelle necklaces, they can range in price anywhere from $50-$100. The most I’ve paid is $78. Nashelle doesn’t just design necklaces, she also makes beautiful rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. I adore her entire collection.

    Now, about my new iPhone. I love it. And the case?? Swoon. Every time I use my phone, this Lily Pulitzer case makes me smile. It’s so bright and summery. Delicious.


    I’m hanging in the city a little later than usual today. It’s Glenn’s last night on FOX news and word has it, there’s a pretty sick wrap party after the show. I’m pregnant. I like to eat. I’m so there.

    Have a fab Thursday loves!


  • June29th

    Tinkle Tents

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    I’m surprised no one got Zach a pee wee tinkle tent.

    Not to worry, because I took care of it.

    Taaaa-Dahhh!! Get a load of these darling little tinkle tents!! Hey, it’s the little things people.

    Once again, thank you ETSY for existing!! Best website ever.

  • June29th

    Hey guys- I know that lately my posts have been few and far between. There’s been a lot going on. A lot. The closer we get to vacation, prepping for Zach, my maternity leave, etc. I don’t have the time (or energy) to blog every minute. I’ll try and do my best to keep things as consistent as possible though. Thanks for understanding.

    I did a vlog on Zach’s nursery last night and hope to have it uploaded and posted by the end of the week. All the pic’s from my shower are on my home computer, so I can’t re-cap that amazing day until later.

    Looks like you’re stuck looking at my kid for now. I promise, he’s worth a quick gander :0)

    Saturday after my shower, we went to Fetal Vision Imaging to get another glimpse of our precious little Zach. These pic’s are truly amazing and I’m blown away at how clear they came out. Fetal Vision Imaging is definitely the place we will go to for baby #2. Sherry and her husband John were SO great and accommodating to us. Fetal Vision has a BIG projection screen so you can see your baby as clear as possible. I don’t know how anyone could not do the 4D ultra sound. Once you have this done, you’ll never want to go back to a boring 3D. No bueno. It’s so worth the extra money. SO worth it. If you live in my area (Bucks county,) Fetal Vision Imaging is located 2 seconds down the street from Sesame Place @ 920 Town Center Drive, Suite I-25, Langhorne, PA 19047. To make your appointment call 215-752-7500.

    Ready for some cuteness?

    look at that little pout.

    check out the hand and foot up by his face. Zach looks comfortable in there.

    Sound asleep. Zach looks so content in there.

    I can’t stop staring at these pic’s. This is my child!!!  It’s so surreal. I’m counting down the days til we can hold him, kiss him and tell him how much we LOOOOOOOOVE him.

    Who do you think he looks more like, Stu or me?

    Clearly, Zach has my cheeks, ha!



  • June28th


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