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  • October31st

    It’s my first Halloween everyone!!

    Aren’t I the cutest little bumble bee you ever did see??

    My mom likes to take pictures of me.

    Mom, it’s getting hot in this thing.

    That’s much better

    Hope you all have a spook-tac-ular Halloween!!



  • October28th

    Hi PWP readers! I’m Erica and I’m the blogger behind A Healthy Habit.  I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel good.  To me, lots of exercising and eating right + Lots of love and laughter = a healthy lifestyle :-)

    While LP is away, I thought I’d share some fun stuff with you all!
    Lately, I’ve been a total slacker with keeping my site updated.  (Sorry about that!)  Between work, work, and more work, I’m starting to feel like I should have a Masters in Multitasking!! Good news is, there are some great finds keeping me motivated to fit in some great workouts and healthy meals between all that life brings my way.
    Here are some ways I’m staying motivated: (My mind and body thank me, my wallet…, not so much!!)
    First up: 
    Sexy jeans! I’ve got goals visions of my lower bod looking fierce in these babies while sweating in out at the gym:
    (Siwy Harley Bootcut in Utopia – love the pockets!!)
    Mossimo for Target Skinny Jeans! Love these!





    Energy boosting playlists! My Ipod has never thanked me more….
     Kelly Clarkson – “Mr. Know it All”
    Rihanna – “We Found Love”
    JLo- “Until it Beats no More”

    Also keeping me trying to be my healthiest:

    These have caught my eye
    Ugg Mounatin Quilted Short
    …reward for continued healthiness ;-)
    For the foodie:
    Luna MINIS!
    Getting back froma jog and popping one of these bad boys is guilt frree! They are the perfect size for a pick me up.
    That’s some of what s motivating me to keep up with my healthy habits. What’s motivating YOU?
    Whatever it is…keep at it :)

  • October27th

    Hey guys!!

    Today’s been so rushed. Oy! I’m flying down to Nashville tonight (through Saturday) to shoot a segment for GBTV on “the history of country music.”

    Hello Nashy-villey

    This is the perfect project for me seeing that country music is my favorite format ever. The CMA’s awards are on ABC Wednesday, Nov. 9th.

    I was in Nashville a year and a half ago to run my first half! Oh, the memories.

    I would like to know what mascara I was wearing in this pic

    I’ve been running around all day  preparing Stu for his first weekend home for more than 3 hours with Zach. I had to switch out my diaper bag and load everything into Stu’s bag. It’s much more manly, hehehe.

    much better than my girly bag

    Tomorrow is jammed packed full of tours. We’re going to the Grand Ole Opry

    Ryman Auditorium

    and the Bluebird cafe. The Bluebird Cafe is where Garth Brooks first played before he became famous. It’s a Nashville landmark. Oh, and first thing in tomorrow morning I’m going to John Rich’s (of Big & Rich) house to interview him. Should I bring him over some donuts and coffee??

    So yeah, a lot is going on. One thing I know for sure, is that I’m going to miss my boy! This is the first time I’ve left him for more than a few hours. Me sad :0(

    Here are some pic’s of Zach and his bff, Miles. CUTE!

    Miles doesn't leave Zach's side. Ever.

    "more pic's mom?"

    I can’t believe my little boyfriend will be 3 months old on November 13th!! Time is going by way too fast.

    So I’m off peeps! My friend and fellow blogger Erica from “A Healthy Habit” will be guest posting tomorrow.

    Have a fab weekend!

  • October26th

    Happy Hump day!

    This morning I woke up bright and early to feed Zach. My heart melts when he holds my finger while he’s eating.

    look at his cute chubby little hand

    Tam our sitter came over at 9:00 so I could go to the gym with Danielle. After spinning, we went to Cosi for yummy honey vanilla lattes. The perfect drink for this cool fall day.

    My lunch was nothing short of amazing today.

    I devoured some crazy kind of squash with cinnamon and brown sugar along with a tofu shish kabob. I could of eaten 3 more of each.

    seconds? yes please.

    After lunch, Zach and I had a little tummy time on the floor. He’s getting so big! He’s learned how to lock his legs, which is awesome when it’s burping time. No, really. He’s figured out that when he doesn’t want to sit on my lap to burp, he locks up his knees. Sneaky little fellow isn’t he?

    I was supposed to be going back to work this Monday, but that’s not happening. Since we’re moving in December, what’s the point? I’m just so grateful that I’m able to continue staying home with Zach. I treasure every moment we have together.


    How could I leave this guy? No way!

    you're stuck with me kid

    Miles was so cute with Zach today. I took a ton of pic’s and will post them tomorrow.

    Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!