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  • November29th

    We’re in the Christmas spirit here at the Paige household.

    "I dig Christmas."

    Today we did more of the same- organizing crap, throwing stuff out, labeling clear plastic bins, etc. I’m convinced that our movers are going to love us. Aside from the big stuff (TVs, exercise equipment, furniture,) all they basically have to load the bins onto the truck. What’s not in a bin is in a basket. I’ve learned that when you have a baby, baskets can be your best friend. They look nice and keep things super organized.

    "hiii mom!"

    Tomorrow Meems is coming back for one last stay at the house (and to see Zach of course.) On Thursday we’re going to try and make our 2nd attempt at driving into the city to bring Zach to the station. Two weeks ago those idiot “Occupy Wall Street” dolts screwed up our plans by trying to shut down the city. Morons. Anyway, this week we are going and it’ll be a blast! I can’t wait for all of my co-workers to meet Zach.

    "I love being photographed."

    I can’t believe that two weeks from today Zach will be four months old! Where is the time going? I honestly cannot imagine going back to work anytime soon. This stay-at-home mom thing is pretty fantastic and I thank God every day that we’re able to swing it.

    Miles can’t wait to get to Texas. Doesn’t he look excited?

    "Texas is hot, isn't it?"

    Phoebe couldn’t care less where she ends up, as long as there’s food around.

    "when are we leaving mom?"

    Back to Miles for a minute. This pic melts my heart.

    Okay babe dolls- off to fix din din!

    Oh- before I forget- Tori and Dean premieres tonight. I’ve been waiting months!


  • November29th

    Notice anything different?????

    One minor change we made to this little blog of mine…

    It’s now Yayy! I’ve been waiting for this domain name forever.

    Pampered With Paige is a thing of the past…ha, I kid, I kid. In all seriousness though, I was kinda over the whole “pampered thing.” Been there, done that. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to continue doing the events, however, pwp is more of a brand, and seeing that I’ve stepped away from the mic (for now,) and am staying home with Zach, it only made sense to drop pwp and have this blog be 100% me, hence the new name.

    These next few weeks are going to be hectic. Warning ya now. This is our last real week living in an unpacked house. Before we walk out the door for good, I’ll give you the final tour de jour. I’ll most likely be crying as I narrate- totally not kidding either. Next Monday, the cars get picked up to be shipped down to TX. It could take up to 11 days. Eeek! Tuesday and Wednesday the movers are packing us, and on Thursday they’re loading up the truck (s.) Thursday, Phoebs and Miles are getting picked up as well. They are being moved by a fantastic company called “We Move Pets.” The dogs’ journey to Dallas will take a week. Thursday and Friday night we’re keeping it local. It’s hotel living for us baby! Saturday morning we’re driving to CT. Stu will be there until Monday morning. He has to work in NYC until Dec. 16th. Boo. My mom, Zach and I are flying out of Hartford (hate that dumpy airport) on the 13th. Stu is flying down on the 17th. A lot is going on. Trying not to stress.

    Breath Lisa.

    Thanks for being so patient guys!

    Oh, and my new email addy is lisaatlisapaigedotcom (

    Zach says hi!!

    "I'm cute and I know it."

  • November27th

    Happy Holidays everyone! It’s officially CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

    Today we took Zach to the KOP mall to meet Santa! (God, I’m gonna miss this mall.)

    in line waiting for the big moment

    Waiting our turn. Almost there.

    Here we go. Zach, please don’t cry….

    “I just had a Zach attack.” -Santa

    Zach was a perfect little elf when it was time to sit with Santa.

    Zach loved seeing all the decorations and lights at the mall. We were definitely feeling in the holiday spirit today. Since it was our last visit to my favorite mall EVER, I could not walk out empty handed. No way. Good thing Lululemon happened to be the store we were approaching as I told Stu this, hehehe.

    I bought one last parting gift before we left KOP forever, wahhhhhhh!!!

    This scuba hoodie is very “Dallas weather” friendly.

    I don’t normally buy stuff from Lululemon because I think their prices are insane. Seriously, $110 for yoga pants? Bite me. That being said, this coat immediately caught my eye (like, from the moment I stepped 2 feet in the store.) I’ve been looking for a good in-between-seasons coat, and this little lady was definitely the one. Early Christmas gift to me??

    After the mall, we met up with our good friends (and Zach’s God Momma,) Cynthia, Jim, Trey and little Kate. This would be our last dinner together before we move to Dallas. Next time we see them, it’ll be in the spring when they come down to visit. I remember years ago, pre-kiddos, Jim, Cynth, Stu and I would meet at Champps for dinner. We did that a lot. Boy, have times changed (for the better of course.)

    Christmas card?

    We're a merry bunch :0)

    Zach was spent. He had a long (but fun) day.

    Next weekend, we’re going to tackle the Shady Brook farm Christmas light show. Hope he can stay awake to see all the sparking lights.

    Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


  • November24th

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We went to Stu’s grandparents house today. It was his grandpa’s first time meeting Zach. So sweet to see his reaction. Nothing but happy tears.

    Four generations.

    Family shot.

    Here’s our little butterball turkey. Gobble gobble!

    Every year, after our meal, we take a family walk around the hood.

    Zach’s favorite position.

    Time to say goodbye.

    Somebody’s not happy about it.

    wubbanub to the rescue.

    Aaaaand, he’s out.

    This was a very special Thanksgiving (for obvious reasons.) Bittersweet at the same time though. In less than two weeks we are moving to Texas and most likely won’t be back up until next year (shooting for the spring, maybe.) The timing sucks, big time. As much as I cannot wait to start our new life in Dallas, the fact that we have Zach and now have to move so far away totally blows. I hope that our families stay true to their words and actually come down to visit. Mom, dad, Ann…you reading this??


    This upcoming week is the last “real” week in our house. On the 6th movers are packing us up, and on the 8th they are moving us out. I can’t believe that in three weeks from now I’ll be blogging from our new Dallas digs. Crazy! We’ve been talking about this move forever (almost a year,) and now it’s really happening. Living in Texas is a dream come true and I’m so excited Zach gets to experience life down there. Ya think he’ll have a southern accent?

    Hope you guys had a wonderful day with your family and friends!

    God Bless-