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  • January31st

    Hiii friends-

    I’m a nervous wreck today because our house getting painted. Like, 90% of it. I’ve never seen so much paint in my life.

    dark paint + white rugs = DISASTER. These three amigos better make sure the carpet is 1,000% covered.

    The awesome news is that Zach’s room is done, and I LOVE IT!!!

    Here is the color palette I’m doing. Zach’s room is blue and brown, the downstairs accent wall where the fireplace is will be that deep brown (Iced Espresso.) The color next to it (right) is called River Mud and that’s going in the main room and foyer area. The grey is our media room color and is also the hallways and butlers pantry color. Hard to all these rooms will be done by tomorrow evening. I’ll post after pics. Our new sectional is being delivered Friday too. Everything is finally coming together and I couldn’t be happier.

    HGTV what????

    I’m sick and little Zach is sneezing too. He seems to be fine though- acting normal, breathing is good, etc. I took him to the pediatrician yesterday and they said he might just have allergies. It must be the overprotective mother in me, but I was freaking out this morning bc of all the coughing he was doing last night. I called his pediatrician again and they said it may be allergies or just a cold and to just keep an eye on him. Oyyyy.

    Here’s my little peanut from this morning. He’s the best!

    "Morning Mom!"

    My mother-in-law is coming down to visit this weekend. I’m so excited for her to see Zach and our new house. Plus, she’ll be great company while Stu is at the Super Bowl. His birthday is next week and I have no idea what to get him. Not another video game, he has enough clothes, gift cards are so impersonal. Hmmm..any ideas?

    It’s 73 here and I’m dying to get out for some air. I think maybe once Zach gets up from his nap, we’ll take a stroll.

    Have a great day!


  • January28th


    I woke up with a wicked sore throat. This SUCKS. Although I feel like crap, I’m toughing it out and not going to the 11:30 spinning class. Another reason I’m feeling blah?? I ate like a loaf of fruit bread before bed last night. Yup, that’ll do it. Damn you fruit bread!! It was good enough to NOT throw out.

    Tomorrow I have to go to Homegoods. I need some decorating ideas and inspiration.

    What should I get to go in this space? I was thinking of a round table with some kind of extravagant floral arrangement. I had an interior decorator come over last week and she thought a curved bench or table in this area would look nice. Hmm. I should spend some time on pinterest. Are you following me? Seach lisapaigeNOW. Warning: I’m a newbie and my boards aren’t that impressive.

    I should watch some more HGTV. Perhaps a little “Donna Decorates Dallas?”

    Lilies are pretty (these are lilies right?) Unfortunately the smell is killing me. Maybe it’s because I bought two bunches? Double the flowers, double the oder. They look pretty though.

    Tonight we’re going out with some friends to dinner at Sambuca.  Should be fun.

    One thing that never gets old is loving on our little Zach Attack. He’s the BEST.

    What are you doing today?

  • January27th

    Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

    Sound familiar?

    I love this damn show, even though Kim annoys the shit outta me.

    How are you? I’ve managed to make it to three spinning classes this week. Go me!

    Big news! On Monday Zach rolled over! Now he’s a rolling machine. I hasn’t quite figured out how to roll back onto his back, all he can do is roll onto his stomach. It took him a while to fall asleep this afternoon because he kept rolling over but would then get stuck. I had t assist a few times. Finally, I decided to just bring him downstairs and let him nap in his pack n’ play.

    “I can roll!”

    I had an eventful afternoon cleaning up Miles’ pee. Yup, Miles has decided that taking a leak on our marble floor is more convenient than going outside in the grass. “Umm, I thought we potty trained you 5 years ago Miles.” I have no idea what’s going on with him. He’s done it twice this week, and in the same spot!!

    I’m going to bed. Have a great Friday loves!

  • January22nd

    Who says parents can’t be out til 1am??? Last night, we Zach’s mommy got crazzzzy. Lemme tell ya, as the only a sober person, I’m one fun chick :0) Who needs to be wasted tin order to have a good time??

    Last night involved good food, great friends and some dirty dancin’ (rawr…)

    I’m seriously IN LOVE with Dallas.

    my Dallas bestie, Cynthia.

    We met up with Cynthia, her bf Steve, Stu’s co-worker Sarah and her fiance James at Kenichi at Victory Park for an AHHH-MAZING sushi dinner. I’ve never tasted sushi so fresh in my life. After our fish feast, we walked next door to the W Hotel’s Ghost bar to get our dougie on.

    view from Ghost bar.

    And I we got down and dirty. It was FUN!

    who's this dude trying to pick me up?

    stare down

    Sarah, Steve, Cynth and mwahhh

    oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

    we're a force to be reckon with on the dance floor.

    I'm so happy Sarah and James moved down here too

    We had the best time. I drank a glass of wine (Riesling, of course) before dinner, and a vodka w/ pineapple juice at the club- that was enough for me. We (as in me, Sarah and Cynth) danced non-stop for two solid hours. We were sticky and sweaty by the time we left the club. Glad I got that nice blow out earlier in the day.

    Stu and I have always said that even with kids, we’d always make it a point to go out alone. Date nights are essential, especially when you become a parent. We book our sitters way in advance so we can have a date night at least once a month. It gives us something to look forward to. And ya know what? We don’t feel guilty leaving Zach at home. Not one bit. You’re allowed to go out for a night, have a kick-ass time and not worry about your kid. It felt GREAT to unwind and let loose, get dressed up and do my hair and make-up.

    Our next date night is a Mavs Game (VS the LA Lakers) next month. That’ll be FUN. Hope I see Khloe Kardashian there, haha.

    I love Koko’s tee, unfortunately it’s a men’s shirt. Damn.

    Instead I bought this green one. I’m such a devoted fan :0)

    Do you go on date nights? What do you do? Where do you go?

    What would be the perfect date 86 the kids?