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  • February29th

    Okay, their first appearance on Ellen was cute, but now Sophia Grace (God, pls forgive me for saying this) is starting to annoy me. She’s too jittery or something. Is her mom allowing her chug four cans of Red Bull before the cameras start to roll? Am I the only one who thinks this child needs to lay off the sugar? The last thing she needs is tea and a damn cookie. How about a carrot stick or celery stalk? Spread some pb on that baby and throw in some raisins- that way she can pretend the raisins are chocolate chips and call it day. Problem solved.

    I love little Rosie, but Sophia Grace needs to take it down a notch (or 10.) It’s great that Ellen finds her cute and amusing, but really, do we need to see snippets of them every other day on the show? I find myself hitting my ff button whenever they’re on. #oldnews.

    Disclaimer: This is my own personal opinion. You can love on Sophia Grace all you want just watch Ellen..or start up your own blog :0)

  • February29th

    Morning friends!!

    My mom is down this week. It’s been AWESOME having her here (even though I bust her balls every 3 mins.) We’re still looking for a piece to fill this empty space by the staircase. I haven’t found a round table that I like (yet.)

    I spend most of my money time at Homegoods and Pier 1, but a lot of my friends are telling me to check out Hobby Lobby. I’ve never been, but from what I hear, it’s pretty fantastic. Today Marzy and I will investigate.

    I found this pretty picture at Homegoods yesterday. It was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect to off set the lamp. I love the bold rich colors in this painting.

    I never understood the balls in a basket thing (get our mind out of the gutter) until I asked a Pier 1 employee. She said it’s always good to go with an odd number of balls. This is the lil bunch we put together after I told her what color the walls were in our “big” room. Do you like? I got that black feather basket at Pier 1 too.

    Since the fireplace is on our feature wall and it happens to be a dark deep brown (iced espresso) I thought this pair of candle holders with black candles plopped in them looked nice. I’m all about clean and simple. I can’t stand lots of knick knacks and shit . I seriously get anxious when there’s too much going on in one space.

    The wall art is also from Pier 1. It’s on sale for $50. Go figure. I paid $75 for it two years ago.

    So that’s what we’ve been up too. Moving into a new house is fun, but decorating it is what I love doing. Now we’re headed out to check out this Hobby Lobby business and World Market.

    Have a fab day!


  • February27th

    Hii! Yeah, so I’ve not been the best at keeping up with this this blog. I have no excuse, just haven’t been in the blogging mood lately. I go through these phases every once in a while. Sorry.

    Anyway, last weekend  we flew up to CT. Stu had to be in NYC for work Monday- Wednesday, so Zach and I tagged along and stayed in CT at my dad’s place. The night before our flight, Stu upgraded our tickets to first class. The difference in price was $160 and to us it was worth every penny. When you’re flying with a 6 month old, every inch of extra leg space counts. Zach did great (again.) We’ve got a superstar flier on our hands folks!

    "I love planes!"

    "hi mommy."

    My sister came down from Boston to see “the critter” (that is what she calls Zach.) After eating my weight in pizza & ice cream, followed by two glasses of wine, we got strait up stupid.


    post wine

    Sunday night we celebrated Nana’s 90th birthday at a cute restaurant called Chips Pub.

    surprise Nan!

    The waitstaff brought out ice cream and sang Happy Birthday.

    Nan loves her ice cream

    Not bad for 90, ay??

    My two favorite guys

    Notice the spit up in Stu’s sweater? Spit up stains are an every day staple. At any given moment I could have at least two random stains on me. I’ve learned to not sweat it… and to always have an extra bottle of Dreft.

    Zach is chillin' with Auntie Lindsay and uncle Brandon


    I had to post this picture to show you my hair after using Chaz Dean’s Wen shampoo. I watched a few beauty tutorials on you tube about this stuff and they were enough to convince me to order a bottle. My hair definitely feels healthier and looks super shiny. Have you ever hear of Wen?

    On Thursday Brandon and I road tripped it down to PA to check up on our house (still not sold.) I was sad to see it empty and cold. I’m shocked we haven’t had an offer on it. It’s a gorgeous house in move in condition. I think it’s time I call our realtor and have her start up weekly open houses. We have to sell soon. Ugh!  After my sob fest walk through, it was time for dinner with my Philly besties. Seeing them was exactly what I needed.I felt like I had never left.

    the crew

    awesome dinner at Bone Fish Grill btw

    Back in CT, my dad was loving up on Zach. So cute to see them together.

    In the midst of all the madness,  I made it a point to see my Madison besties too. We all met up for breakfast Friday morning with our kids. At one time it was just the five of us, nowadays it’s the five of us plus five kiddos. We are parents now. CRAZY!!!

    We flew back Saturday and my mom (aka “Meems”) came with.

    Zach was fascinated by the guys unloading the luggage. He loved watching the action,

    Even though this was technically Zach’s second time flying, he never got his certificate the first time around so the flight attendants hooked him up.

    Zach proceeded to eat his important document. He’s sprouting two pearly whites on the bottom. So exciting!! We don’t go anywhere without teething rings and extra bibs. This kid is a drooling machine.

    Meems, aka Marzy, aka Mom is here until next Tuesday. You know what that means? Zach will be sporting a fohawk until she leaves. Meems is obsessed with giving Zach fohawks.

    Fancy huh?

    Zach was catching up on some Sesame Place episodes-which is another reason I feel so old. My son is watching the same shows I watched as a kid. OLD, old, old!

    As much as I miss(ed) my friends and family, it’s nice to be back in Texas where it’s 70 and sunny.

    P.S. Have you seen these beautious bars? Our church cafe had them, so for obvious reasons, we bought one. Deelish, but not nearly as sweet as the real “Zach Attack.”

    Hope you’re having a great day so far. I’ll try to not disappear again.

  • February14th

    Cake in My Belly!

    Posted in: Food

    One mini bunt cake later.

    This sucker didn’t stand a chance. Oh, hell no. Happy Valentine’s Day to meeeeee ;0)

    Have you ever hear of Nothing Bundt Cakes? Omg, there’s a bakery 3 miles from our house. Bad. Very very bad. This is what happens when you’re all alone on Valentines Day. You eat a whole cake. Whoooofc. Stu is away and my little Valentine is napping. Give momma her sweets.

    One year ago today I was off from work because we had our 14 week ultra sound check up. Oh how I miss that little belly.

    Hard to believe a year later, I’d be spending my V-day with this little guy. He’s the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!!