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  • June28th

    Umm, I may have a slight subscription problem.

    no big deal

    Not pictured here is Glamour and Cosmo. Those came on Monday.

    In more exciting news, I designed and ordered Zach’s birthday cards tonight. We’re having two parties for him; one in PA with family and friends and one down here. Call us crazy but we’re having his party at our old {still un-sold} house. It was Stu’s idea. Why not, right? I’m having it catered and on the back of all the invites it says BYOC: bring your own chair. We thought it would be sweet to be in our old house to celebrate Z’s big day. I can’t believe my baby will be ONE!

    Hey moms: did you get this email?

    I can always find something at Babies R Us.

    Before I go I have to send a big congrats out to Alycia Savage Alvarez. Her pics {notice the fam shot in the middle} are featured in Rangefinder magazine! Go Alycia!

    speaking of pinterest. Are ya following me?

  • June27th


    Exercise: 7 miles on elliptical {50 mns}

    Breakfast 8am: 1 c kashi go lean cereal with sliced banana and unsweetened almond milk. Water.

    snack 11am: Kind bar and a small apple

    lunch 3pm: grilled chicken southwest salad from McDonalds, iced tea.

    Dinner 7:15: veggie and hummus sandwich, 1/2c mashed potatoes and a nectarine. Drank vitamin water.

    Dessert 8:15: avocado tart yogurt from yummilicious. Stu went out and picked it up for me. He topped it with coconut, strawberries and mochi. Zach ate half. He loves his fro yo.

  • June27th

    This weekend, me and five of my girlfriends are going out. Like, dinner and dancing…ALL OUT. The guys are on baby duty and we’re making Saturday night our bitch.

    What would really conclude a perfect GNO would be a trip to the theaters to see Magic Mike.

    Good Lord Channing Tatum is HOTTTT!!

    From what I hear, it’s really sexy good.
    Since Stu is on vacation next week, we’re packing up and headed down to Austin for a few days. We’ve never been, but from what everyone tells us, Austin is the coolest city. I can’t wait.
    If you’ve been to Austin, where are some places we should go? Rumor has it Austin is food truck central too. I’m down.
    Any plans for your 4th of July? We want to take Zach to the fireworks, but I’m afraid he’ll freak with all the explosions.
  • June26th

    These ecards are crack me up. I can’t stop reading them!

    Exercise: 50 mns {5.2 mile} on the elliptical.

    Breakkie 8am: 1 cup Kashi go lean with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk topped with 1/2 banana and blubes. coffee

    Lunch 12pm: Kind bar, water

    snack 5pm: 4 rice cakes with edamame hummus, vitamin zero

    Dinner 6:30: Morningstar farms chicken griller with salsa and quac. Side of steamed string beans with parm dumped sprinkled on top, water.

    Dessert 7:00: cup of Edy’s moosetracks. LOVE.