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  • October31st

    In between the groups of kids coming to the door, we snuck over to three houses in our neighborhood to show off our little lion.

    He’s one fierce lion. Rawwrrrr!!!

    Our neighbor’s daughter’s and their friends shared their candy with Zach. How sweet are they??

    inspecting a reese’s pb cup

    on our way to the next house

    “where are we off to next mom?”

    Hope you all had a great Halloween. I can’t wait to do this again next year! Hmm, what will Ainslee be?

  • October31st

    Hello Booo-tiful!

    Happy Halloween!! How much candy have you consumed  today already? Come on, be honest. I’ve had more than I care to admit. Damn twix bars.

    I’ve got a little lion sitting next to me ready to do a some trick or treating soon.

    Zach’s My Gym class had a Halloween party this morning. He was the only one in a full on head- to- toe costume. #ForReal #NoShame

    I thought for sure Zach would want to rip this thing off 3 seconds after I put him in it but to my surprise that wasn’t the case. He had no problem crawling through mesh tunnels or climbing up the slide in this lion get-up. As long as he was moving around, Zach Attack didn’t care.

    It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, our little lion was a baby bumble bee :(

    This is one of my favorite pictures.

    We’re all ready for the trick-or-treaters. Our old hood in PA sucked when it came to Halloween. No one ever came. One year we even left the basket of candy out on the doorsteps and went to the movies. We came home and it was still there, and FULL nonetheless! #pathetic Our neighborhood down here rules. There are tons of kids on the block so we’re expecting it to be a busy night. Good thing we have 80+ full sized candy bars ready to be eaten.

    Happy Halloween friends. Let’s get this show over with so we can start listening to to Christmas music :)

  • October29th

    Oh man, time is certainly flying by. I’m six months today. Cray cray!

    6 months with Ainslee

    6 months with Zach and much tanner

    Can you see a difference in the way I’m carrying? Stu thinks I look smaller. I think with Zach I was more round in the belly. Who knows though. This can all change and I could blow looking like a donut hole three weeks from now.

    I’m feeling alright, but not truly 100% yet. Still fighting off this shitious cold I’ve had for the past two weeks.

    Ainslee likes to kick a lot. I’ve noticed that she’s most active in the late afternoon and at night. I’m up 14 lbs. Maternity jeans are in full effect. I’m giving into my cravings a lot more this pregnancy. Hmm, maybe it’s bc we have 80+ full sized candy bars laying around here. Thanks Stu.

    Halloween candy for the kids

    We had a fun weekend. Friday night we stayed in, ordered pizza and I fell asleep 17 mns into “Seeking a Friend For The End of the World.” Saturday morning, I got up and took an 8am spinning class. My ass kills. It’s been about six weeks since I spun, so yeah, I’m a little achy. Yesterday afternoon we went to lunch, Target {so Stu could buy Halloween candy for the kids,} and back home for naps. After our family nap sesh, we went to church. Our friends came over at 8:30, we went to dinner and than to a Haunted house in Fort Worth. It was so good. Very creepy. Boooooo!

    Sunday Funday

    I found myself back at the 10am spinning class yesterday morning despite my sore ass. I’m t-milling it today. My poor hiney needs a break. Around 1pm, I met up with my TX bestie, Sarah for lunch and some shopping. When I got home Zach was still asleep and my husband was in the same spot on the couch where I had left him two hours prior, watching, you guessed it…football. Damn you red zone channel. Ladies: do not, I repeat, do not let your husband get the red zone channel. You will never see him on Sundays. Ever. Once Zach woke up, we walked down to our neighborhood playground for some family time.

    Before heading out, we bundled up. Crazy how cold it got this weekend. It was 37 degrees yesterday morning on my way to the gym.

    daddy likes the slide

    swing time

    time for the slide

    slide x’s 3

    looking serious {and chubby}

    After the playground I got to work on dinner. We had spaghetti and veggie meatballs. ZOMG, it was so good. Why don’t I make this combo more often?

    Zach is a big fan of spaghetti

    More pics of spaghetti boy tomorrow.

    Before I go; some food for thought:

    sometimes I forget and this is a great reminder

    Hope you guys had a great weekend!

  • October25th

    Umm, yeah, so Carrie Underwood was ahhh-mazing last night.

    I want to be her. I mean, who doesn’t?

    We had such a great time. This was the first concert in a very long time where we actually paid for the tickets. Being in radio, I’ve been spoiled. Rest assured though, Carrie was worth every penny. She was fantastic. And gorgeous. And sweet. And.., okay I’ll stop.

    my cute date

    If Carrie is coming to your city, GO!

    Oh, so I got 4 links taken out of my new watch and now I can wear it ;)

    Zach got a little daddy watching time this morning over his breakfast. It’s so fun to watch him react to Stu being on tv. The second he sees Stu, he points to the screen and says “dada.”

    hey dad

    I ordered 2 pair of maternity cargo pants from Motherhood Maternity but they are too long. Normally, I’d just roll them once or twice but these have draw strings so it looks ridiculous. Returning tomorrow.

    Hope you’re having a great week! TGIF tomorrow. Yay!