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Oh yes! Thank you Dairy Queen.

Y’all know where I’ll be this weekend.

Are you having a nice Thursday so far? Zach and I went on a 4 mile walk this morning. It was nice to get up early while it was cool out. At 11:45 we went to his class at My Gym. Zach wants nothing to do with circle time. All he’s focused on is climbing up ladders, crawling through tunnels and throwing balls out of the ball box. Oh, and clapping whenever the music is on. After class him and I went for pizza. We split the personal Hawaiian size while is 4 measly slices. Zach was into it. Pineapple + cheese = win win.

By the time we got home it was close to 2pm, and you know what that means: Zach’s *new* nap time. We walked to the mailbox to get the mail and played with rocks, acorns and leaves. Someone needed to take a quick break from all his exploring. Yes, it was an eventful 15 mns.

“chillin’ on the curb with my acorn, yo!”

At 2:05 Zach went down. What will I do for the next few hours??

One thing I can check off my list is scheduling a pre-nantal message for Sunday. Since Stu will be preoccupied watching the Eagles game, I’m going to get a massage. Why not?

We’re having a VP Debate viewing party tonight. Yup, we’re ordering sushi and having our Republican friends over to watch Biden get stomped on. It’s gonna be great.

Tomorrow is Friday, yes!!

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  • Comment by heather — October 11, 2012 @ 7:17 pm

    Hi Lisa, I enjoy reading your blog and about your new adventures in Dallas. Quick question, my husband and I are going to dallas in 2 weeks for a cowboys game. I love TEX MEX food and was wondering if you had any reccomendations for a good restaraunt?

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