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  • December12th

    Happy Wednesday y’all!

    How is your week going? My mil is visiting so I’ve been a little pre-occupied. Zach loves that his Mema is here keeping him company.

    I’m up earlier than usual today. Wanna know why???

    I’ll be on KISS filling in 10-3p! Yeeeep, it’s my first day back on the air {during the week} since having Zach. It feels weird to be up before him, worked out, and showered. I’m impressed with myself.

    Tonight I’m taking Anne to our church’s pot luck din. We have to make buy something on the way. We never got around to 1) planning a meal and 2) actually making it. Opps. #fail

    Saturday we’re getting the 4D ultra sound done of Ainslee. I’m anxious to get a glimpse of our little girl. She moves around all day long. #bestfeelingintheworld.

    And talk about totally presh….

    Disclaimer: these sneakers make my feet look ginormous. I swear that’s not the case. I wear a size 7. I really don’t have platypus feet.

    My Pinterest pot luck party is happening Saturday night. I can’t wait! Leaning towards making these babies

    Okay, off to work {that feels so weird good!}

    Talk to ya in a few Dallas!

  • December9th

    If you’re reading this now {Sunday evening} I’m on the air until 7p. Just sayin’ :0)

    I can’t tell you how awesome it’s been for me to be back on the air. Ahhh, I feel refreshed, re-energized, motivated, inspired, excited and all sorts of happy :0) I know a lot of it has to do with my undying love for Dallas. To say I “love” living here is truly an understatement. What’s a stronger word than “love” to express one’s feelings about a particular thing/place/event/moment/etc?

    Some more loves: this little guy. I adore him and am so lucky to be his momma.

    And I already love our little girl. Is it February yet?

    yogurt with dessert-like toppings

    Chocolate: and the guy sitting next to me. He’s pretty awesome too.

    Post Ainslee.

    I love my relationship with God and I love my church for rejuvenating my spiritual relationship with him.

    our fur babies <3


    This is my mantra. It’s so true.

    Hope your weekend was a good one. My mil is flying down tomorrow night. It will be a great week having her here. Holla mema!

  • December6th

    Good Lord, I love this kid! We had a super fun day, just the two of us!


    As you can see, Zach’s new favorite past time is playing with his dad’s football. He’d stay outside all day if I let him.

    My mother-in-law is flying in Monday night. We’re so excited to see her, as I know she’s just as excited to see us Zach.

    Have a great Friday!

  • December4th

    Zach’s been into touching my belly button lately. Every time he goes to feel it, I make a crazy noise and he cracks up. Hearing him laugh is the best.

    Hi baby Ainslee

    Speaking of baby sis, Ainslee’s nursery isn’t close to being done {yet.}

    This is the crib I have my eyes on. We’re making progress people.

    I’m going for a vintage-y shabby chic style for my little girl.

    The whole set is gorgeous but I want to keep it a surprise and show you when her room is finished. Pinterest has become my best friend these days.

    My sweet Texas friends are throwing me a little sprinkle in January. Since we already have the majority of baby gear we’ll need, I think I may register somewhere for just the essentials like another diaper genie, wipe warmer, etc.

    My bestie Danielle sent Ainslee her first set of pink sparkly Toms. Cute is an understatement. These are too precious.

    Hope you’re having a great week so far. It’s been warm down here. We’ve had our AC on for the past four days. So much for wearing my uggs :(

    Up until last week, I had been having serious side pain over the past few months. It felt like I cracked or fractured my ribs. It seriously hurt. I went to the urgent care clinic at one point because the pain was so unbearable. The dr. said I most likely just tore some cartilage and prescribed me Tylenol with codeine for the pain. My ob told me to use a heating pad. Anyway, long story short, this week, all of the pain has gone away. I really think it was caused from constantly picking up and holding Zach.

    Speaking of my little guy- I can’t believe this was him last year on Christmas day! He’s growing up so fast.

    Too bad Zach sat in the bumbo for all of 3 weeks. His chunky thighs wouldn’t have any it that, haha.

    We took these pics before attending our very first service at Gateway. I swear, joining that church was the best Christmas gift I could have ever asked for. #Blessed #Faith #Love #CloserToGod

    Okay, this is the last one and then I’ll stop.

    We’re flying up to CT later this month for Christmas…ughhhhh. Confession: I don’t want to go. Of course I want to see our family and friends. That is the point of our trip, however, the flights are a totally different story. Flying back home from CT two weeks ago with Zach was a complete nightmare. He didn’t want anything to do with sitting in his seat. I mean, who could blame the kid? He’s an almost 16 month old who loves to explore, touch, feel and run everywhere. Being confined to seat for a 3.5 flight blows. I get it. Thank God Stu was there. Poor guy walked Zach up and down the aisle for what seemed like forever. I was so uncomfortable and kept dropping things like a magazine, crackers, headphones, etc and bending down to pick them up was difficult. After this next flight I am done with flying for a while. I hope my family is reading this…got it guys. If you want to see us or the kids, better bookmark expedia like, now.

    Rant over.

    Zach is getting up from his nap which means my free time is over.

    Have a great night!