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  • January31st

    Hey there!

    I tell ya, I have some of the sweetest friends down here in Dallas. I am so thankful to have them in my life. Each and every one of these lovely ladies.

    L-R: Julie, Virginia, Diana, Sarah, Lindsey, Tara, Cynthia and Michelle.

    This morning after I dropped Zach off at school I came home to meet my friend Michelle. We had planned on going for a four mile walk. By the time we got going, it was around 10am and sun was out in full force. It’s so nice to be outside without having to wear a bulky hoodie. We did 4 miles and the time flew. As we approached my driveway, our friend Tara was pulling up. Together, the three of us organized Ainslee’s nursery, hung all of her clothes, divided her ever-growing wardrobe by size and washed all the 0-6 months clothes. The whole process took about an hour and half.

    Phoebe was a big help too- clearly, she is thrilled to be getting a little sissy :)

    “Is Ainslee here yet mom?”

    I’ve been collecting little pic’s and inspirational quotes for a while, so we decided to make a collage out of them. I love the way this wall game out.

    Thank the Lord for Michelle and Tara. This room would have never gotten done if they hadn’t helped me today. Love you girls!

    After Michelle and Tara left, I quickly got ready, picked up Z from school and than headed down to the studio to meet Stu. We wanted to have one last lunch before he flew down to New Orleans for the Super Bowl this weekend.

    Sidenote: If you have the DISH network, don’t forget to check out Stu’s new show, “The Wonderful World of Stu” premiering this Saturday night at 10pm (channel 212.) You can also see it on

    Okay, back to my day…

    “Mom, why can’t I go with dad to the Super Bowl?”

    After a late lunch (3:30) it was was time to drop Stu off at the airport (tear tear.) To be honest with ya, if my sister wasn’t flying in on Saturday, I’d be more upset. Since she will be here (for the first time,) I know we’ll have an awesomely fun weekend minus my hubs. I can’t wait to show her how we do it down here in Texas. Yeee-haw!

    Hope you had a great week. So happy the weekend is almost here!

  • January29th

    Hey hey hey!

    Better late than never. My blog has been slammed with spam over the past few weeks, and honestly, I dread getting on here now. I must delete/block 60+ bullshit comments a day. Something’s gotta give.

    Today I went for for my 37 week sonogram and everything looks good. Ainslee weighs around 6 lbs. My doctor said she’s going to be on the smaller/petite side. Hmm, wonder who she takes after? Stu’s going to the Super Bowl this weekend and is a nervous wreck I may go into labor while he is away. I doubt that will be the case. I haven’t had any type of labor signs. My ob thinks I’ll have her a few days early, not weeks. God willing, she will come after my mom and mil get here next month.

    After my appointment, I hit up Target.

    Lookey what I found: Mediterranean chickpea burgs? What???

    My sister is flying down this weekend so we’ll have to taste test these bad boys out.

    Zach starts his music class tomorrow. I know he’s going to love it. We sing and dance every night before, during and after bath time.

    Zach takes his bath time very seriously.

    Alright, back to my sister. Can you tell I’m excited? She’s never been outside of Boston to Texas.

    This week seems to be flying by. I can’t wait for Lindsay to get down here. She flies in Saturday morning and doesn’t leave until Tuesday evening. Almost four full days with my sissy!! Whoop, whoop.

    Sorry I’m totally uninteresting and boring lately. I blame pregnancy.

  • January25th

    Hey there!

    It’s Friday! Woop woop!

    I’m just over here being 9+ months pregnant.

    While I blog, Zach is watching baby Einstein. Thank God for BE.

    I’m tired. Maybe I should do this…

    good advise

    Oh, and I’m beyond sick and tired of looking at my wardrobe. Once I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I’m going shopping.

    Hi Ainslee

    Hope you’re having a good Friday. Tomorrow we’re taking a tour of the Maternity ward and than I’m on air from 2-6p. Date night is tomorrow night and we’re still deciding what to do and where to go. Dinner and a movie is on the agenda. We want to see “Mama.” Doesn’t it look creepy?

    I’m impressed with Krogers flower arrangement. Look at these babies from my sprinkle last week. Not too shabby, eh?

    Zach had a busy couple of days at school this week. I was thrilled to see his art work. I couldn’t be more proud.

    I didn’t believe his teachers when they told me the kids nap at one point during the day. Yeah, I ordered a nap mat and everything. I told them to take a picture of him sleeping so I can see it with my own eyeballs.

    Holy crap, my kid is snoozing away. Sweet dreams little one.

    My friend snapped this shot of him the other night at the studio

    He’s perfect.

    Sunday I have to seriously get down to business and organize Ainslee’s nursery. I have stuff to hang, wash, and sort through. At least the bottles are sterilized and her formula came. Two less things I have to think about.

    These pre-made bottles are the way to go, at least for the first few weeks. They make life so much easier.

    Baby Einstein is over which means I’m done here. Have a fab weekend.


  • January24th

    Hey hey heeey!

    I dropped Zach off at school (Mother’s Day out) and came strait to Starbucks. I haven’t actually sat, drank a latte and updated here in months. This feels nice even though I’m not loving my soy latte right now.


    I joined Koko Fitness club this week. I am more than ready to get back to running, spinning, and toning up. I love the concept of Koko.

    So Stu’s birthday is coming up (2/9.) Assuming that Ainslee doesn’t come early (I hope not,) than we’ll go out to dinner. The question is, where? We’ve dined at all the nice places around our hood so I have to find something new and different. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area had have any suggestions, lemme know! Email me Imlisapaigeatgmaildotcom I also found this list to be quite helpful.


    I discovered Lindsey Stirling on my Ellie Goulding station on Pandora. WOW! This chick is amazing on the violin. I’m not normally into instrumental music, but hot damn, she has left me wanting to play the violin speechless.

    New favorite fragrance (s)

    At Christmas I bought Sephora’s sample gift box of mini fragrances. A total steal. For $50, you get 11 different perfumes to try out. Whichever one you end up loving, you get a free bottle! I immediately fell in love with Bvlgari’s Omnia and Stella McCartney’s “L.I.L.Y.” I used my certificate on the Bvalgari and bought LILY. I think both are perfect for the spring and summer. I can’t get enough. I even went as far as buying the roller balls of each to carry in my purse.

    Speaking of beauty, if you live in the Dallas area, the Galleria is having a Beauty Live event March 2-3rd. Umm, yeah, momma will be there. I can’t think of a better post-baby event to attend.

    “For one weekend, the Southwest’s most chic shopping destination will be the epicenter of the beauty industry. Galleria Dallas celebrates the beauty in every woman as Beauty Live returns to the famed shopping center March 2-3, 2013. Exclusive to Galleria Dallas, Beauty Live offers a whirlwind weekend of non-stop fun: celebrity appearances, pro stylists, national makeup artists, makeovers, and giveaways. Beautiful!

    Beauty Live showcases all the top trends in beauty with dozens of events and activities. On Level I, guests will enjoy continuous demonstrations on a state of the art beauty stage featuring an enormous plasma monitor and showcasing some of the top cosmetic and beauty experts in the world. The event features something for everyone, including:

    Expert sessions will feature celebrity appearances, pro stylists, tips, product announcements and more from the top names in the industry. At each session, guests will have the chance to take home fantastic beauty prizes and goody bags.

    Beauty stops will allow guests to tour the many how-to stations throughout Galleria Dallas for those simple secrets and top techniques to a more gorgeous you.

    In-store events for guests who visit their favorite cosmetics counters, bath shops and beauty shops throughout Galleria Dallas for more complimentary loveliness. It’s a great chance to meet the experts for one-on-one consultations.

    Beauty bonuses is the year’s most beautiful weekend will also be filled with exclusive offers and special giveaways and discounts to make sure you get the most beauty for your buck.

    Beauty Live is the perfect destination for a girlfriend getaway, so get away and get gorgeous with a stay at the luxurious Westin Galleria. Connected to Galleria Dallas, the Westin Galleria offers accommodations for busy shoppers seeking a beauty retreat with a special rate for Beauty Live.”

    That’s all for now.

    Hope you’re having a great week so far. Don’t forget to listen to me on 106.1 KISS fm this Saturday, 10-2.