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Good morning my friend! Happy happy Saturday!!!

There’s nothing better than waking up to the sun peering through my window. It automatically puts a smile on my face :0) My sister is flying in this morning around 10:30, so that sorta helps too. Lindsay has never been anywhere to Texas. I can’t wait for her to move get here. I hope, hope, HOPE she loves it.

Last night my friend Lindsey and I attended “Generate,” a night of worship at our church. It. Was. Spectacular. I could feel God’s presence in the room.

As we praised him, I couldn’t help but rub my belly and continuously thank him for blessing us with Ainslee. To this day, I still get chills thinking about my testimony. #MiraclesDoHappen.

It was a totally uplifting night to say the least.

Earlier yesterday while I was at work in Dallas, at the last minute I decided  to hit up Buy Buy Baby . Okay, yeah, it’s  much better than Babies R Us in my opinion. There is so much more of a selection to choose from, a lot more product variety and the baby clothes are waaay cuter.

Case in point. Ainslee’s Easter outfit. Looks pricey doesn’t it? Umm, it was $14.99!!!

Soothies, an Elmo sippy cup, car seat rattles, a jelly ball and this insert for our mamaroo were a few of my purchases.

I am so happy to have found this insert because when Zach was a newborn he couldn’t fit in the Mamaroo. Poor baby was to small. This time around I’ll be prepared so Ainslee can enjoy the “car ride.”

I’m sure with my sister being down here (til Tuesday) we’ll do some more shopping. I’ll let you know if we find anything good. Have an awesome weekend!

I’m out.


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