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  • October18th

    Rise and shine. It’ FRIDAY!!!!

    I’m sorry y’all, but this cracked me up.


    Pie and lattes, mwahahahahahhahaha!!!!! That’s a killer combo if ya ask me. Speaking of pilates, I really need to use my groupon for the 10 sessions I bought. This is the second time I’ve purchased the same deal to the same pilates studio. I never used the first one and then it expired. My latest one will expire next month. Crap, I better start pilate-ing.

    Last night, in a move of desperation, I dumped the rest of the candy corn; yes, even those big-ass sugary delicious pumpkins. I can’t be temped anymore. I don’t care who you are, no one can eat just a “few” pieces of candy corn. The entire bag? Why certainly, but just a couple? Nope, impossible.


    I got my reverse ombre hair done yesterday. What do you think? This was my reward for ditching those cornies, haha.  Dominique, my stylist said I’m the first client she’s had ask for the reverse look. Dom is fantastic and I’ve referred many people to her. If you live in the Dallas area and want a fab stylist that knows color, email me and I’ll give you Dom’s contact info. She truly is amaze!


    Did I mention how much I love Z’s new haircut? Dom cut his locks off  Wednesday.


    Zach’s doesn’t look like a baby anymore with his new do. I’ve got a big boy on my hands now. Today as we were getting out of the car he says “Mommy, I’m going to jump. Ready, set go!” I about died. He gets in and out of my car and refuses to let us help him. The little conversations he’s starting up are completely adorable. Such a fun age.


    Okay one last picture, then I’ll stop.


    My latest order of glow pads came yesterday. These are my holy grail. I love that the new formulation doesn’t smell.


    Today is our anniversary and we’re celebrating by going to dinner at our favorite restaurant and then seeing Michael Buble tonight. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 11 years.


    I was 22 and Stu was 24 in this pic. Good lord, I am feel old.

    Alright, the kiddos are up and I need a refill on my coffee.

    Have an awesome Friday!


  • October10th


    Okay, so I’m making a conscious effort to get up early with Stu so that I can drink my coffee and watch the news for a few before Z ans A get up. There is nothing worse than getting up at the same time as your kids. You have NO time to yourself, or as say “ease into the day.” Anyway, so here I am blogging, drinking coffee and watching the news at 6:30a. Wakey wakey.

    Speaking of the kids, Ainslee turned 8 months yesterday. Where is the time going? She’s cutting her first bottom tooth. Exciting stuff.


    Meanwhile, Zach is totally into pumpkins this year. He LOVES them. We have several trips planned to the pumpkin patch over the next couple of weeks. Seeing him get so excited over them gets me excited and makes me smile.


    Isn’t this a cute Halloween idea?


    Too bad it wouldn’t ever last at my house. We’d eat those cornies so fast. Lately I’ve been adding a few to my ice cream. Sure, they get cold and harden up, whoooofc. Still amaze!

    If you’re a fellow stay-at-home-mom, you’ve got to read this great article. What the hell is wrong with people? I admit that before we had kids, I was one of those clueless ignorant people who thought being a sahm was a luxury, fun and easy. OKAY, young naive Lisa. Okay.

    11 years!

    Ahhhh, our 11 year anniversary is next week. It just so happens that our fave, Michale Buble will be in town that night, so of course we’re going to the show. I can’t wait. I made sure to book my hair appointment that day so I’ll be freshly highlighted and blown out for our fun night.


    Bad brows..

    I’m thinking about going to the brow bar at Ulta today. My friend went recently and had a good experience. My brows have seen better days.

    Dior love

    I’m diggin’ Dior’s new overcurl mascara these days. For the past four years, the ONLY mascara I’ve used is Bobbi Brown’s no smudge. I’ve tried other mascaras but have always gone back to BB. At the trend show 2 weeks ago, overcurl was featured. I bought it (because it was something new) but assumed it would be like all the others and I’d hate it. No so. I actually really like it. I like it a lot. In my book, this is worth the money.


    Zach has school today so while he’s there, Ainslee and I are going to Pier 1 to buy my friend a new house warming gift.

    Have a great Thursday!

  • October1st

    Goooooood Afternoon. Long time no talk.

    I was sick yesterday and the weekend was so busy, I’ve had no time to post. While Zach plays on his ipad and A sleeps, I’m trying to squeeze in what I can now. Okay, where to begin?? Well, the highlight of last weekend had to be when Stu and I inhaled these pieces of cake in the car while Ainslee screamed her head off in the back. We were coming back from dinner and were so froyo-ed out, we decided to stop for some cake. Why not? Ainslee was on the verge of a meltdown as were were pulling into La Madeline, but we risked it. Cake is cake, and we wanted some. Trust, those slices of heaven were totally hearing Ainslee shed a few tears.


    Saturday Sarah and I went to our first Nordies TREND SHOW in the big D! You guys know how much I love my trend shows. I guess with having babies over the last two years, and being new to Dallas, I never made an effort to go. Um, never again. This show was just like the one’s I went to at KOP. It brought back so many fun memories.


    Bright and early- nothing new for a mom.


    We were blind at 7am. Glasses were a must.


    We hit the NARS counter hard. This is Sarah’s stash. I ended up with the illuminating translucent powder, illuminating primer, blush and the new overcurl mascara from Dior, which so far, I like.


    I told you about my new obsession with stitch fix last week, remember? Well, here’s one of the sweaters I kept/bought. I wore it for our date night Saturday night. I paired it with a black tank, leggings and my TOMS black suede desert wedges.

    Sunday we went to a sports bar to watch football, and by “we,” I mean, Stu and Zach. When Zach sees it on tv, he points and yells “football!” I think that’s every guy’s dream; to hear their son say “foooooootball!!!” Ainslee and I people watched. We like doing that.


    After football watching. lunch and naps, we took the kids to the park.


    I love this pic of Stu and Zach.

    Ainslee wondered why I sat her on wet grass. To capture her expression, obviously.


    Off the subject, but I’m having my stylist color my hair like this next visit. I LOVE the reverse ombre look.



    World Market is making me pumpkin crazy with everything they have in stock. I almost had a heart attack in aisle 6 yesterday.

    My time is up. Zach is yelling “cheet tots” which is “fruit snacks in toddler talk, and I hear birdie.

    It’s been real.

    Have a great night.

  • September19th

    A note to my sweet little Ainslee-


    Today Stu’s cousin Kirsten flew down! Woo Hoo. We love having family visit. Kirsten lives in West Chester county NY so this Texas heat was a shock to her. Welcome to the big D Kir! We have a ton planned this weekend. Kirsten is the second family member to possibly move here. She’s seriously considering it and omg, I’d love it if she pulled the trigger. Bam bam!

    Tonight we went to dinner and of course got yogurt afterwards.


    No smiles here. Zach is all business when it comes to his froyo. Ainslee had a few little bites of mine and seemed to like it. The cold (I’m sure) felt good on her gums.

    Earlier today, Z and I went to…where else? Target! I promised him a hula hoop. Of course walking in there, I knew we didn’t stand a chance of leaving with just a hula hoop. Hardly. $113 later….sigh.

    How is it that Target’s showing the first signs of Christmas but I don’t see my darn flannels? #stillwaiting


    Zach and I snuggle while we shop.


    So about the Nordstrom trend show next week.


    I’m giddy just thinking about it!

    Speaking of makeup, I’ll be doing a post of my latest faves so look for it this weekend, okay?

    What’s your holy grail beauty product? The one item you can’t live without?? Comment below.


    And while we are on the subject of beauty- who knew this about bobby pins?! I think it’s safe to say, most of us have been wearing them the wrong way.


    That’s all I got! TGIF!!!