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  • September16th

    Happy Monday!


    Stu got back from Belize late last night. Boy, did we miss daddy this weekend. My sister hung out with us Saturday and Sunday. I LOVE that she lives in Dallas now. It’s so awesome having family here. We took the kids to the mall and ate a five star meal in the food court. Yup. Hot Saturday night y’all.

    Kissey break <3



    Linds and I had Greek salads which were actually really freaking good. Zach had pizza. The kid loves pizza.

    I was on the hunt for a sweater similar to this one. No luck though. #fail


    I got my first #psl of the season yesterday! I ordered a short 1 pump pumpkin spice soy latte. I can’t stand skim which is weird because I don’t drink soy on a regular basis. Starbs should serve almond milk too. Why not, right?


    Guess what’s happening in two weeks?

    Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.21.30 PM

    You guys know how I feel about Nordie’s Trend shows. I haven’t been to one in almost two years! Completely unacceptable! I’m dragging my friends’ Sarah, Cynthia and Lindsey with me this year. If you’re in the Dallas area and love products, trust- this event is for you.

    Stu’s cousin is visiting from NY this week. She wants to move to TX. Who doesn’t these days? Come on down!

    Be awesome today!


  • August30th

    Good Morning!

    Zach came down with some kind of bug yesterday and was sick throughout the day and into the night. There is nothing worse than when your baby is feeling under the weather and they can’t tell you how they feel and what hurts. My poor little boo boo. He is still sleeping (at 920am) so hopefully he is snoozing his sickness off.

    On a much lighter note, my other baby is doing great. I had my 15 week check up yesterday. You don’t normally get an ultra sound done at 15 weeks, but since my mom was with me, and my Dr. is awesome, we did one any way.

    My heart skips a beat whenever I hear our little one’s heart beat. It’s music to my ears.

    Check out the little hand on the right. Hiiii baby!!

    I know the sex of the baby and not because my dr. told me, but because God spoke to me. It was 2 months ago in church. I felt his message. It was loud and clear. There is no doubt in my mind of what it is. We will have it conformed on Monday Oct 1st. I’ll do a vlog this weekend with my testimony. Promise.

    After my appointment, my mom and I went to Target. The only thing I needed was a thermometer but of course, like always, I walked out with way more than that. Two sweaters, and a flannel later…

    Ahem, I said flannels. FLANNELS!!!!!

    You know how crazy I am about Target’s line of flannel shirts. I’ve been wearing them for years. Honestly when I grabbed the red and navy off the rack, being pregnant didn’t even cross my mind. I normally wear a xs, so I got a small instead. They run big and if it doesn’t button up once I pop, I’ll just wear it with a tank unbuttoned. Problem solved.

    Zach is still sleeping by the way, and it’s 9:45.

    My mom left last night, and my heart is sad. I miss her already. My mother-in-law leaves tomorrow am. It’s been a full month of family time for me. I’ve enjoyed every minute. The next time we are going home is Christmas. The next 3.5 months will be tough not seeing my family. It especially sucks for Zach since he’s been so spoiled with getting to know all his grandparents this month. Hard to spend time and see them every day for weeks on end and than go 3.5 months strait without them.

    That’s about it for me. I’ve been on a major crock pot kick lately- back to scouring the web for my yummy meals.

    Have a good one!

  • May1st


    Please continue to vote for Zach. He is currently in 2nd place out of 10,000 entries. You can vote more than once on different devices, or just cast a vote every day. THANKS for sharing, emailing and retweeting his link. You guys are the best!

    Zach says thanks too!

    "thank you for voting for me!"

    2nd place is nice, but 1st place is better :0)

    From babies to boobies:

    God bless the women who’s boobs have remained big and beautiful after giving birth. That is unfortunately not the case for me and my girls. They are as flat as pancakes. Most 12 year olds have a bigger chest than me. I’m smaller than before I got knocked up. No joke. With that being said I finally paid a visit to Victoria’s Secret and bought three new bras. Go me! I have been desperate to get new bras. I’m as flat as a board and all the bras I have are too big. I got sized properly (hollar to all my fellow 32 A girls out there!!) The biggie was a strapless bra. I wear lots of off-the- shoulder slouchy tops and a strapless bra is a total must have for me. Before I made my way to the registers, I, of course, par-oozed through the PINK section. What can I say, I got sucked in. Crazy how  a couple of these cute tops (to wear over my new strapless bra, obvi.) slipped into my bag. Hmmmmm…

    These are so comfy and I love the way they look with skinny jeans and/or leggings. I wear it over a colorful long fitted tank. PINK is really pushing their yoga leggings and I fully support that. I told you last year when I was pregnant with Zach that these leggings were a staple in my wardrobe because the wide elastic band folds up and can very easily act as a “belly band.” Convienant right? They are definitely worth it in my book. I never wore the real belly band. So uncomfortable. Boo.

    Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done. Thank the Lawd. My roots are like beyond bad. Yuck.

    Hope you’re having a stellar week!


  • November11th

    Yes, a vloggy vlog! I actually had two minutes free to do one. Exciting stuff, haha!