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  • September8th

    Okay, so after a few weeks of annoying issues with word press, my awesome web designer fixed everything. Thank you Jim! The upside of waiting, was that I was able to read through a lot of your questions. Thanks for being so patient.

    Hey Lisa,

    Welcome back!!! Here are a few questions for you:
    How did you come up with Ainslee’s name? It’s unique so was wondering if you heard it somewhere and loved it or came up with it on your own?

    Stu suggested it about three years ago when I was pregnant with Zach. Of course at the time, we didn’t know what we were having, so we were tossing around boys and girls names. I remember where we were when he said “What do you think of “Ainslee?” We were standing in his office in NYC. I loved that name as soon as he said it. So Ainslee was always in the back of our minds if we were to ever have a girl. Btw, he got the name from Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News. We chose to spell her name with a “ee” to make it different.

    2- I know from following you on twitter that you recently moved a few miles from the original house you bought in Texas. What made you decide to move already?

    We were renting and our lease about to end. Moving is always a pain, especially with kids, but to get into our dream house was definitely worth it.

    I’m due this week with my first child (a girl!!) and I am beyond excited. You have always been such an inspiration when it comes to healthy eating and working out, please pass along any tips you have for getting my body back on track post baby!

    Oh yay! Congrats!! That’s so exciting. I LOVED being pregnant and can’t wait til it happens again. I made a conscious effort to try my best to work out with both pregnancies. I spun most of the time with Zach, and ran a lot with Ainslee. On days I didn’t feel like running, I went on the elliptical. In March I joined Koko Fit Club and a gym for their spinning classes. I run or spin 3-4 times a week and do strength training at Koko 4 days a week if I can. Stu and I love Koko. It’s computerized personal training. I’m up 67% in strength gain.

    Keep the questions coming. Now that we’re up and running, I can get to them sooner.

    Have a fab Sunday!


  • January24th

    Hey hey heeey!

    I dropped Zach off at school (Mother’s Day out) and came strait to Starbucks. I haven’t actually sat, drank a latte and updated here in months. This feels nice even though I’m not loving my soy latte right now.


    I joined Koko Fitness club this week. I am more than ready to get back to running, spinning, and toning up. I love the concept of Koko.

    So Stu’s birthday is coming up (2/9.) Assuming that Ainslee doesn’t come early (I hope not,) than we’ll go out to dinner. The question is, where? We’ve dined at all the nice places around our hood so I have to find something new and different. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area had have any suggestions, lemme know! Email me Imlisapaigeatgmaildotcom I also found this list to be quite helpful.


    I discovered Lindsey Stirling on my Ellie Goulding station on Pandora. WOW! This chick is amazing on the violin. I’m not normally into instrumental music, but hot damn, she has left me wanting to play the violin speechless.

    New favorite fragrance (s)

    At Christmas I bought Sephora’s sample gift box of mini fragrances. A total steal. For $50, you get 11 different perfumes to try out. Whichever one you end up loving, you get a free bottle! I immediately fell in love with Bvlgari’s Omnia and Stella McCartney’s “L.I.L.Y.” I used my certificate on the Bvalgari and bought LILY. I think both are perfect for the spring and summer. I can’t get enough. I even went as far as buying the roller balls of each to carry in my purse.

    Speaking of beauty, if you live in the Dallas area, the Galleria is having a Beauty Live event March 2-3rd. Umm, yeah, momma will be there. I can’t think of a better post-baby event to attend.

    “For one weekend, the Southwest’s most chic shopping destination will be the epicenter of the beauty industry. Galleria Dallas celebrates the beauty in every woman as Beauty Live returns to the famed shopping center March 2-3, 2013. Exclusive to Galleria Dallas, Beauty Live offers a whirlwind weekend of non-stop fun: celebrity appearances, pro stylists, national makeup artists, makeovers, and giveaways. Beautiful!

    Beauty Live showcases all the top trends in beauty with dozens of events and activities. On Level I, guests will enjoy continuous demonstrations on a state of the art beauty stage featuring an enormous plasma monitor and showcasing some of the top cosmetic and beauty experts in the world. The event features something for everyone, including:

    Expert sessions will feature celebrity appearances, pro stylists, tips, product announcements and more from the top names in the industry. At each session, guests will have the chance to take home fantastic beauty prizes and goody bags.

    Beauty stops will allow guests to tour the many how-to stations throughout Galleria Dallas for those simple secrets and top techniques to a more gorgeous you.

    In-store events for guests who visit their favorite cosmetics counters, bath shops and beauty shops throughout Galleria Dallas for more complimentary loveliness. It’s a great chance to meet the experts for one-on-one consultations.

    Beauty bonuses is the year’s most beautiful weekend will also be filled with exclusive offers and special giveaways and discounts to make sure you get the most beauty for your buck.

    Beauty Live is the perfect destination for a girlfriend getaway, so get away and get gorgeous with a stay at the luxurious Westin Galleria. Connected to Galleria Dallas, the Westin Galleria offers accommodations for busy shoppers seeking a beauty retreat with a special rate for Beauty Live.”

    That’s all for now.

    Hope you’re having a great week so far. Don’t forget to listen to me on 106.1 KISS fm this Saturday, 10-2.

  • October12th

    TGIF friends!

    How was your week? I feel like it flew by for me. Zach is napping, so here I am blogging..and still rocking the middle part :0)



    I’m so into these little devils that I made chocolate pumpkin muffins last night and added cornies to them! Ahh-mazing!

    these were worth the mess

    While Stu was at Glenn’s watching the debate, I had my own little viewing party here. Three of my friends came over, we ordered sushi and than sat down to laugh at Biden watch the showdown.

    What a joke (pun intended.) Clearly, Biden thought it was happy hour time. You know where I stand, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

    Tonight we’re going out with Eddie and Michelle. I love double date nights. Din and a movie is the plan. Michelle and I want to see Sinister. It’s the perfect scary movie for this time of year.

    Tomorrow morning I’m walking running a 5K. I have no idea how I’ll do. I haven’t run in 2 weeks. Stu is taking Zach so I’ll be minus a 23 lb. baby and pushing a stroller. This should work to my advantage. Tomorrow afternoon we’re taking Zach to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch. This particular patch has so much going on for the kiddos. Hayrides, a kiddie ferris wheel, a petting zoo, etc. I don’t know who’s more excited, me or Zach.

    Sunday I’m getting a pre-natal massage at 9am. I can’t wait. Ahhh, just the thought of it is relaxing me now.

    *Phoebe just came into the room, farted and walked away. #Rude

    I’m in the market for a new red lipstick. With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m in desperate need of a pretty red. My friend Lindsay is a makeup artist and used to work for MAC. She suggested I get MAC’S Viva Glam 1.

    Viva Glam 1

    I like.

    Speaking of lipsticks, one that I’m totally obsessed with is MAC’S “Pure Zen.”

    It looks great with a clear gloss on to. It’s a limited addition so you better get it now. Most stores are already sold out and you know MAC, they’ll discontinue this shade in no time. I bought four backups. Don’t judge.

    Pure Zen

    Okay, that’s it for now. Have a great Friday!

  • August31st

    Happy Friday!!!

    I was up at the crack this morning to take my mom-in-law to the airport. It was sad to see her go. My house is silent right now and it feels strange. The dogs are passed out in their bed, Zach is napping, and Stu is playing tennis.

    Tea time?

    On the way back from the airport Z and I stopped at Starbs. I was so in the mood for a pumpkin spice latte. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out until next week, Sept 4th. I ended up getting my usual; a sf caramel soy latte. I only drank half out of sheer disappointment- I was craving that damn pumpkin spice.

    When we got back home it was time for breakfast. Zach inhaled a bowl of oatmeal and a side fruit, while I had a toasted english muffin with pb and banana with chia seeds. We played for a bit and then Z went down for his morning nap. While he snoozed, I hit the elliptical and managed to bust out 45 mns and take a shower. Major accomplishment!

    Julie at came up with a great elliptical workout plan. I did this twice and cooled down for 5.

    By the time I was done showering, Zach was wide awake. More playtime, followed by a snack, followed by a trip to Sonic Target. We were in need of a bigger toy basket. I’m all about putting his toys in baskets (thanks to HGTV magazine for the idea.) I don’t want everything scattered all over the house. Sorry, but this ain’t Romper Room. Having a million toys out looks sloppy and I really don’t want to risk tripping on a truck while I’m pregnant. No thanks. Luckily, Zach digs the basket concept. He loves pulling his toys out himself. We’re all about being independent these days (tear.)

    neat and practical for your kiddos toys

    You must go to Bath & Body Works this weekend (if you haven’t already.) Hello??? Labor Day sales event?? Holla for some serious savings!! All their delicious Fall scents are out. I stocked up on 5 soaps, wallflowers and a couple of candles. Autumn is burning right now.

    It’s hard to think about crisp leaves, apple cider and pumpkins when it’s 98 degrees outside, but I’m trying.

    As I’m typing this, all I can smell is our white bean soup that’s cooking in the crock pot right now. It’s sooooo good. This is the 4th meal  I’ve made this week. That’s a record. I’m trying to cook at least 2 legit dinners a week. Normally we’ll go out or I’ll make something quick. I’ve actually enjoyed thumbing through my cookbooks and discovering new recipes.

    Speaking of all things “Fall,” (because Fall and Football go hand in hand) look what I bought for Stu. I don’t know about your man, but mine is all about his fantasy football teams right now. He’s a die hard Eagles fan btw. We don’t speak of the Cowboys in this house.

    Okay, I better sneak in a 30 mn nap before Z wakes up. Have a fab Friday!