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  • October30th

    Okay, okay. So It’s Halloween Eve. Big deal. Come Friday, this chick will officially be in the CHRISTMAS spirit. I may have started playing holiday music already. Confession: Our Christmas lights are getting put up next week. We won’t turn them on “on” until Thanksgiving, but at least they’ll be up and ready to go. Speaking of Christmas cheer, this new Baily’s creamer sure did wake me right up this morning.


    White chocolate peppermint bark creamer. It’s pretty unbelievable. I found it at Kroger. As I sipped my coffee, I thought about how fun it will be to decorate our new 12 ft Christmas tree (in a few weeks.)


    And I had Blake on blast too.


    Zach and I braved the rain and went to Target earlier. He was obsessed with the umbrella and wanted to keep it open while we were shopping. I diverted his attention by getting Z a cake pop from Starbs. Worked like a charm.


    I came across this amazing-ness while we were there. NYX in Target? YES! YES! YES! Their lip butter is the out of control. I wear apple strudel and maple blondie most of the time.

    Tonight we’re taking the kids our church’s fall festival. After we check it out, we’re dropping them back off at home (with a sitter) and going to the season opener of the MAVS game! Woot Woot!

    I’m hosting my first Stella & Dot party in two weeks. I think November is a great time to do these little shindigs because everyone is in the Christmas shopping mode. Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa!

    On a Yankee candle note, you have to get pumpkin wreath. Oh my goodness! It’s so yummy. You better believe I stocked up a million tarts too.


    I’m ashamed to admit this, but last night I made soup from scratch for the first time, like ever. I found it on pinterest, via

    Btw, are you following me on pinterest? If you’re not, you should.

    Okay, back to the soup. It came out better than I thought. Actually, it was pretty darn amazing.

    It’s a skinny veggie detox soup.


    Even better the next day. Trust.

    Okay kids, Stu is walking in and we’ve gotta go! Have a great night!

  • October16th

    Well today was quite eventful.

    Zach got his first real haircut. To ensure he’d get a good cut and not a bowl cut, I took him to my girl, Dominique. I brought his ipad and like a big boy, Z sat on my lap and watched Yo Gabba Gabba while Dom snipped away. I thought I’d be more emotional, but because I have so much confidence in Dominique and knowing she’d do a good job, I was at ease and peace with it all. Geesh, you’d think by reading this, someone had died. My friend Michelle was holding Ainslee there for moral support, haha. His long hair means so much to me. It’s sort of his identity in a way. I love his hair long, but honestly, I was getting sick or morons thinking he was a girl. Oh, and the fact that he was always getting food in it. Baths every other night is one thing, but every single night?? Nope, momma can’t do that. Now, we won’t have that problem anymore.


    Side view.


    Me pouting as I hold a bag of his locks.


    And to think, just yesterday my sweet boy looked hair gorgeous hair like this…le sigh.



    In other LP news, my second stitch fix box came today. I’m keeping one top. Unfortunately, the sleeves were too long on the two other shirts and the olive-green coat they sent me was similar to one I already have. The necklace was just okay. I’ll post a pic of my new swag tomorrow when I wear it ;0)  I love stitch fix simply because of the 1) surprise and 2) the convenience. Now that I have kids, I rarely have time to go shopping for myself, let alone try stuff on. There’s no commitment with stitchfix. Sign up for one month, see how you like it, and go from there. Easy peasy.

    This was my snack today. Control the drool. That would be a delicious 160 calorie double chocolate chunk quest bar warmed with two soft and fluffy marshmallows on top. Best 210 calorie treat I’ve had in a while. This picture looks so good, I pinned it.


    You’re welcome :0)

  • September23rd

    Happy Monday my friends!

    Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. Stu’s cousin Kirsten has been here since last Thursday, but she’s leaving today :(


    We had a blasty showing her around. We went everywhere. Dallas, Forth Worth, shopping and basically ate every meal out. I am sick of restaurants at this point. Friday night we went to Bread Winners on McKinney Ave in Dallas. Stu and I love that place and wanted Kirs to experience it too. Yum!


    Saturday morning, Stu, Kir, and the kids cheered me on as I ran a local 5K.


    My neighbor Jenn and I post race. No PR for me, but I’m happy with my 26:44.


    Saturday afternoon we drove up to Lone Star Park (horse racing track) since Kirsten has a horse. We got there about 6 hours too early, so no horse racing for us. We had lunch at Black Eyed Peas and I ate too many fried pickles.

    Saturday night we stayed around here and had a lighter dinner at this new place called Bread Zepplin. Oh man, it’s so good. They hollow out warm crusty bread and stuff your chopped salad in it. To. Die. Froyo followed. We kept it low key because I had to work the 5pm service at church and by the time that was all said and done it was already 7pm. Our sitter got here at 7:30 and honestly, we were so tired from the day were only out for a couple of hours.

    Yesterday I got up and ran, than we headed out to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. So fun, but smelly.



    I should have bought this sign for our yard, haha.

    After walking all around the stock yards and petting the horses, seeing a reindeer and getting kisses from goats, we needed to refuel with lunch (and take baths.)

    The kids like to people watch. Clearly. They get so distracted while they eat. Can you believe Ainslee is actually sitting in a high chair now? Where is the time going??!!


    After lunch and the stock yards we were all so tired so we came home and took naps. Last night Stu made us dinner and we watched the Emmy’s (which were totally uninteresting.)

    Kirsten leaves later today. We will miss her, but I have a feeling she will be back sooner than later. I think we sold her on moving to Texas, mwahahahahha! The next relative to visit is Stu’s aunt Kim. I’m keeping my eyes on flights. She’s never met the kids. I’d love to get her down here sometime soon.

    Okay, kids are up and I’m still in my pj’s. Gots to go!


  • September20th

    Yup, it’s one of those days where I cannot stop snacking. Have you tried brownie brittle? Don’t even get this stuff. It’s impossible to only have “a few” pieces. I ate the whole bag.

    Like. The. Whole. Bag.



    The upside of me inhaling the bag? No more temptation.

    My husband did some pumpkin experimenting today on his show. Lucky for me, he brought the goods home.


    Since I ate the brownie brittle, what the hell? Might as well go in on those pumpkin almonds. Delicious.

    Our new leaning shelves came in today and I love, love, love them.


    I need to do some serious pinning to get more ideas of what to add to the shelves. Obviously the bottom few will not have breakable stuff Zach can get at.



    I found these at I know, that’s a surprise, right? Our handyman bolted them to the wall. That’s what you have do when you have a toddler.

    We’re off to some good eats in Dallas. Have an awesome night :0)