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  • October28th

    Hey hey hey!

    Now that I’ve got a new laptop, we’re back in business. My Mac book pro was on it’s last legs, so we got a Mac book Air. I wanted something lighter, and this is definitely lighter.

    Today we went to a Halloween party at My Gym. As you can see, Ainslee makes a super cute strawberry. Too bad her brother wanted nothing to do with his costume. Womp Womp.


    Here are some more pics of my kids from the last week.








    Now that I have a new computer, I can finally get back to blogging. Woo!

  • October15th

    Hey there!

    Geese, glad Jenn, Colleen and I got our 4.5 miles done this morning before all of this rain. I forgot how much I loathe it. We’ve been spoiled with hot gorgeous weather for months down here. I think (w/o jinxing us) that fall is finally here. Yay! It feels so good to put on boots and wear hoodies again.




    My sister is visiting today, so after we picked up Z from school, we went to Which Wich for some delicious subs.



    After inhaling our sandwiches we went to Homegoods. Let it be known, that this was the first time I’ve stepped foot into a store (other than Target) with both kids. I’m normally with just one when I shop. I haven’t had the balls to take them both out together yet. I know, crazy. Since my sister was here, it was the perfect opportunity to go. She had Ainlsee in one cart and I had Zach in the other.

    We got this.


    I was browsing the weight watchers message boards when I came across this crustless pumpkin pie recipe. I, for sure need to make this.

    PUMPKIN PIE (86 the fatty crust.)

    15oz can pumpkin
    12oz FF evaporated milk
    1/2c egg beaters
    3/4c splenda
    2tsp pumpkin pie spice
    Mix until smooth and pour into Pam sprayed pie dish at 350* for 45 minutes.
    Top with your fave light whipped topping

    Ahh, I can’t wait until Thursday. Dominique is giving me the reverse ombre look. This is the look we’re going for.


    Okay, kids are waking up. My time here is up. Have a fab night!

  • October14th

    Hi there!

    Both kiddies are napping, so I have some free time now. Wooo!


    Friday night we had dinner with friends and then went to a haunted house. It was definitely one of the best one’s we’ve been too. Saturday morning I ran a 5K. No pr, but I was faster than my normal everyday run. I crossed the finish line at 26.13. I’m okay with that. I registered for a few more 5K’s, one being a Santa Sucrry on a Friday night sometime in December. I’ve never raced at night, so that will be fun. Later on Saturday afternoon, we went pumpkin picking, but it was so damn hot, I didn’t really enjoy it. Zach loved the hay stack house though and didn’t seem to be bothered by the heat. God love him.



    Zach insisted he pull the pumpkin wagon. He’s definitely hit the independent stage.


    So many pumpkins to pick from.



    Because it was so humid, cutesy pics were not happening.


    We have a nice collection of pumpkins displayed by our front door now. Nice work fam!


    More goofing around ensued yesterday.


    They are pure sweetness.


    I cannot believe Ainslee is already 8 months old. Ugh, slow down girlfriend.


    I have no idea what they were doing here, but get a load of Ainslee’s expression. Haha.


    Speaking of birthday’s, Phoebe turns 13 on the 27th.


    Ainslee enjoys some face time with Miles.


    She’s almost crawling. Almost.


    Yes, Zach’s hair is a tad outta control. I’m hoping this week my girl Dominique can trim it up.

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!



  • October8th

    Hi there!

    Okay, so I admit, I haven’t been the best at keeping up with this blog lately. Last week I was sick for a few days, and then on Friday, I flew up to Louisville, KY to meet Stu for our friends’ wedding (which was so fun btw.)


    We had dinner at the hotel Friday night because it was completely miserable out. The food was great, although it took forever.

    Saturday afternoon a bunch of us went to see “Gravity.” I thought it would be better. It was just okay. Saturday evening was the wedding. Those of you who follow me on instagram/twitter asked where I got my dress. It’s from the Gap outlet and was $34.99! They still have some left and (of course) now they’re marked down.


    My friend (and Stu’s bf’s wife, Tara.) They still live in Yardley. Awwww.


    Stu and the beautiful bride, Liz! Her dress was so elegant and she looked gorg!



    Here I am standing with my two favorite brother’s; Chris and Colin.


    It was a blast to hang with our old NYC gang. #Wivesclub


    We had wonderful mini getaway last weekend and we’ve decided that every few months, even if it’s just for one night, we are  staying overnight somewhere nice, and fun, and romantic, and relaxing, and quiet, just for us. #doneanddone


    PS: This is the Riesling I had at dinner and it was out. of. this. world.

    We flew back on Sunday and got home way early, like 11am early. Boy was I happy to see these two smiling faces.



    How happy was I when I walked into Target and saw my beloved flannels hanging there. Y’all know I’ve been stalking the woman’s section for weeks now. I bought one of each. #Love #itsabouttime

    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!