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  • December9th

    If you’re reading this now {Sunday evening} I’m on the air until 7p. Just sayin’ :0)

    I can’t tell you how awesome it’s been for me to be back on the air. Ahhh, I feel refreshed, re-energized, motivated, inspired, excited and all sorts of happy :0) I know a lot of it has to do with my undying love for Dallas. To say I “love” living here is truly an understatement. What’s a stronger word than “love” to express one’s feelings about a particular thing/place/event/moment/etc?

    Some more loves: this little guy. I adore him and am so lucky to be his momma.

    And I already love our little girl. Is it February yet?

    yogurt with dessert-like toppings

    Chocolate: and the guy sitting next to me. He’s pretty awesome too.

    Post Ainslee.

    I love my relationship with God and I love my church for rejuvenating my spiritual relationship with him.

    our fur babies <3


    This is my mantra. It’s so true.

    Hope your weekend was a good one. My mil is flying down tomorrow night. It will be a great week having her here. Holla mema!

  • June22nd

    Happy weekend!

    Nicole is here, yay! She flew in last night and is going back Monday.

    While Nic went to visit some of her Dallas friends today, I celebrated my friend Sarah’s 33rd birthday at Brio. Twas fun. I met all of her sweet sweet friends. We had such a lovely time eating on the porch {in the shade.}

    Sarah is on the left in the pink. So cute, right?

    After lunch, I had picked Miles up from the vet. He has his teeth cleaned yesterday. Good news, no more smelly breath. Bad news, he lost 4 teeth. Poor guy.

    Meanwhile, Zach is on the move. He will be walking in no time. He’s pulling up on everything and can balance on his own for a few seconds before crashing to the floor. I can’t turn me head for a sec or he’s off.


    Yup, definitely my kid. Z went in the trash and pulled out evidence of a very successful Sephora trip.

    I ended up getting the Clinique Repairware Intensive night cream and the turnaround eye cream.

    A Laura Mercier liploss in “sparkling glace” may have slipped in my bag too, ahem.

    We’re haingin’ poolside tomorrow and than meeting my friend Lindsay for  dinner at a quaint little sushi place called Gui tomorrow night.

    Have a great weekend!

  • June4th


    Please excuse the horrible layout of this post. I tried to get all fancy. Clearly it did not work.


    Today was Dr. day. Phoebe and Miles in the a.m., and Zach Attack in the p.m. More on that visit later.

    For the record, Miles has Phoebe beat by a pound. He’s 25 lbs and she’s 24 lbs.

    Look how little Mr. Miles was.

    Miles was 6 wks old here. He’s now 5.5

    Stu got home last night. He was on the road with Glenn all last week and then spent the weekend in Toronto with his friends. They went to a Bluejays game during the day Saturday and the Dave Matthews concert Saturday night. Our friend LJ used to work for Dave and that was 150th concert!! CRAZY!

    Stu came back with Blue Jays swag for the whole family. The BJ’s are his favorite team.

    I’ve never once seen them play but I’ll represent.


    Today was a good day. Wanna know why? Two things:

    This came in the mail,

    And Zach found a new toy he loved.


    We were at the pediatricians office and this was one of many toys in the waiting room.

    Zach’s stats @ 9.5 months.

    Zach weighs 20 lbs. 10 oz. and is  30″ long! It’s hard to believe he’s grown 10 inches since birth. He’s in the 50th percentile for weight and 97th in height. Yeah baby, we’ve got a future football player on our hands. He had to get three shots today. Omg, it was awful. I sat there holding him still so the nurse could prick his little finger twice to draw blood. Ugh- horrible. And than a shot in the upper thigh. My poor baby. Zach was not a happy camper.

    Once we got in car and he had his sippy cup of water, all was forgotten. We jammed out Rihanna on the way home.

    Rewind back to earlier in the day when Zach was supposed to be sleeping.

    "what's this all about?"

    Apparently he had other plans. LOOK! My child is standing up in his damn crib about to discover the video monitor camera.  He’s a curious kid. I told Stu we’re gonna have to velcro that or Zach is gonna to rip it off.

    After a little while he finally fell asleep.

    Napping baby = iced pumpkin latte for mom. Thank you Target.

    100 calories per bottle. MONEY!

    And while we’re on the subject of food, I am thrilled to hear that three Trader Joe’s stores are opening in the Dallas-Forth Worth area this summer. June 15th is when the Forth Worth store opens. I’m so there.

    Oh, and before I say goodnight, my sister wants you to know that she’s back on the blogging bandwagon for now.

    Check out her blog HERE.

    Alright, time to catch up the total mess that is Teresa Guidice on the RHONJ and then to bed. Night!

  • May31st

    Happy almost Friday!

    Today I had some business in Dallas. I love important meetings (ahem.)

    Anyway- getting back to last night. Poor Zach.

    He was up a lot and I think it was because of his tooth pain. The two top chompers are coming in. My heart breaks every time I hear his little cry. After taking your advise, I broke out the Hylands teething tablets. I placed two under his tongue. They dissolved instantly. I rocked him, sang to him, rocked him some more, and after about 25 minutes, he was out cold.

    our new bf

    I’ve also been giving Zach frozen waffles to suck on which he loves. Frozen bananas in those meshy sticks work well too. Anything that is cold has been my saving grace lately.

    This afternoon we went to Babies R Us and bought a mesh bumper. I know, exciting.

    Zach has definitely hit the “I hate when my mom leaves the room, sits me down or puts me to bed” stage. Up until a few weeks ago, it was smooth sailing but now Zach has it all figured out. He knows when it’s time to go to bed, take a nap or when he needs his diaper changed, the crocodile tears start flowing. He loathes anything that requires me to put him down.

    With that being said…

    After our fun trip into Babies R Us, we went to Homegoods and than dinner at Central Market (similar Whole Foods up north.) I figured, what the hell, I don’t feel like cooking, Zach was in good spirits, I had his food with me, let’s eat out. So we did.

    there's a lot going on here

    I got the tilapia salad with a side of green beans. Zach tried the tilapia and green beans. He seemed to like both. #Win.

    Zach uses both hands to feed himself. Obviously we have a serious {cute} eater on our hands.

    Miles stole Phoebe’s soccer ball. Look how sad Phoebs looks. After Zach got on the floor and started crawling over to them, Miles let the ball go and Phoebe stole it back. Good girl!

    Hope you’re having an awesome week so far. TGIF!