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  • October8th

    Hi there!

    Okay, so I admit, I haven’t been the best at keeping up with this blog lately. Last week I was sick for a few days, and then on Friday, I flew up to Louisville, KY to meet Stu for our friends’ wedding (which was so fun btw.)


    We had dinner at the hotel Friday night because it was completely miserable out. The food was great, although it took forever.

    Saturday afternoon a bunch of us went to see “Gravity.” I thought it would be better. It was just okay. Saturday evening was the wedding. Those of you who follow me on instagram/twitter asked where I got my dress. It’s from the Gap outlet and was $34.99! They still have some left and (of course) now they’re marked down.


    My friend (and Stu’s bf’s wife, Tara.) They still live in Yardley. Awwww.


    Stu and the beautiful bride, Liz! Her dress was so elegant and she looked gorg!



    Here I am standing with my two favorite brother’s; Chris and Colin.


    It was a blast to hang with our old NYC gang. #Wivesclub


    We had wonderful mini getaway last weekend and we’ve decided that every few months, even if it’s just for one night, we are  staying overnight somewhere nice, and fun, and romantic, and relaxing, and quiet, just for us. #doneanddone


    PS: This is the Riesling I had at dinner and it was out. of. this. world.

    We flew back on Sunday and got home way early, like 11am early. Boy was I happy to see these two smiling faces.



    How happy was I when I walked into Target and saw my beloved flannels hanging there. Y’all know I’ve been stalking the woman’s section for weeks now. I bought one of each. #Love #itsabouttime

    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


  • September14th

    Happy weekend!

    Stu is in Belize. Yes, Belize the country. This is where he’s staying.


    I was going to go but then felt mom guilt about leaving the kids, so Stu went with his co-worker (and my sister’s bf) Sean. They are having a nice romantic few days together, bahahahha,

    I do kind of wish I was there now that I’m looking at these pics.


    While Stu and Sean bask in the sun, I’m home with the babies. We went for a walk this morning. This double stroller business is for the birds.


    Don’t they look excited to be out in the sun? I pulled back their visors for picture purposes.

    Rewind back to last night. Sarah and I went to see Miranda Lambert. She was FANTASTIC (like always.)


    We were in the pit right in front. Not too shabby.


    My sister is over now and we’re taking the kids to the mall. I need a Nordies fix anyway.

    Ainslee says hi.


    Zach and I got a little crazy with photo booth last night.

    Photo on 9-10-13 at 3.55 PM

    Oh, before I go, LOOK what I found yesterday!


    Gonna miss this…


    Have an awesome weekend.

  • December2nd

    It’s Sunday night already? Dislike.

    We had a fun weekend though. It was filled with family time, date nights, playing on the radio, church, a book signing and meeting new listeners. We fit a lot in so I guess that’s why I feel like this weekend flew.

    Friday morning I had my 29 week check up. Ainslee is looking good. Her heartbeat is 137 and she’s measuring perfectly. Just what I like to hear. After my appointment, I had some work to do at the radio station but before I went there, I stopped at Pier 1 to get a few more Christmas decorations and these earrings. I love the selection Pier 1 has.

    A closer look at my $4.99 find.

    Cute right? I wasted no time putting them on.

    Friday night Stu and I went saw the Rockettes in Grand Prairie. We’ve always seen it at Radio City, so it was a strange to be in such a small theater. Still awesome though. I’d kill for a Rockette’s legs.

    Saturday, I was up bring an early for my first gig with my new radio station. My blogger friend Sandy stopped by to say hi. She and her family just moved to Dallas from North Carolina. Hiii Sandy!

    After my appearance I met Stu and Zach at Applebee’s for lunch. Once we got home,  Zach and I took naps while Stu worked.

    It was my week to serve at church, so at 5pm I headed out. When I got home I took Zach outside for some play time. I passed him playing a football and as he ran full force towards it, he took a spill on the driveway and whacked his head. Ugh. Poor baby scraped up the left side of his face too. We rushed him inside so I could clean him up and ice the huge goose egg protruding out from his forehead. Stu got him a popsicle and once he saw that all his tears went away.

    Next up, bath time.

    Look how beat up Z looks. Poor guy :(

    Natalie, our sitter came over around 7:30 so Stu and I could go to Glenn’s book signing at Barnes & Noble.

    My dear friend Michelle came out to get her books signed. Love you Gigi!

    After the signing, we walked across the street for a late dinner at Truluck’s. Mmmm, I could eat there every week.

    Today, I bailed on my spinning class for the 4th day in a row and opted for lunch with my guys. After lunch, I headed down to Dallas for my air shift.

    Just like old times. This was a full circle moment here- I was behind the board with a belly {again!}. I haven’t been on the air not pregnant in 2 years!

    I got home around 7:30 pm, fed Zach, played with Zach and than put him down.

    Stu is at the Eagles/Cowboys game now. I’ll bet money he’s the only Eagles fan there. Bless his heart.

    Tomorrow we are another week closer to Christmas. Woo hoo!

    How was your weekend?

  • November22nd

    Happy Thanksgiving my wonderful bloggy friends-


    I’ve been mia because we’ve been in NYC all week and I never pack my laptop when we go on trips. Traveling with a kid is enough and honestly, the last thing I want to do is blog while I’m away. We got to my dad’s {who lives in CT} last night, were in West Chester today, and are now back in CT for the night. We’re flying home tomorrow night. I’m over this cold. Blahhh!!

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Stu’s side of the family today. It was bittersweet though. Stu’s been going to his grandparents for the past 36 years- literally every single year. The only time he missed a year was back in 2001 when we lived in Tampa. Since we’ve been together, I’ve spent the past 13 yrs celebrating Thanksgiving with his side. Now that we have our family and live in Dallas, it’s time we start a up a few traditions of our own. I’ve always wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house {and do a turkey trot the morning of.} Next year we will be thankful for not traveling at our house with hopefully our mom’s and the kiddos. I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait to stay put and not travel. Seriously.

    We had the most delicious dinner {I mean. really who didn’t?} I had a little bit of everything. Mmmmmm!!! It was nice to spend the whole day with Stu’s family. Love them. Zach was quite entertaining too. What a little turkey ham!

    Here are some pics from our day.

    These were taken this morning before we drove up to NY.

    looking dapper as always

    Ready to eat!

    gobble gobble!

    “Mmmm, I love eating lots of fun foods.”

    Three generations here



    Today is no different than any other day that I am truly thankful and grateful for everything I have. The only difference is that we eat way more food.

    Hope you had a fun-filled day with your family and friends.

    Back to the big D tomorrow. Can’t wait to get home!!