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  • December2nd

    It’s Sunday night already? Dislike.

    We had a fun weekend though. It was filled with family time, date nights, playing on the radio, church, a book signing and meeting new listeners. We fit a lot in so I guess that’s why I feel like this weekend flew.

    Friday morning I had my 29 week check up. Ainslee is looking good. Her heartbeat is 137 and she’s measuring perfectly. Just what I like to hear. After my appointment, I had some work to do at the radio station but before I went there, I stopped at Pier 1 to get a few more Christmas decorations and these earrings. I love the selection Pier 1 has.

    A closer look at my $4.99 find.

    Cute right? I wasted no time putting them on.

    Friday night Stu and I went saw the Rockettes in Grand Prairie. We’ve always seen it at Radio City, so it was a strange to be in such a small theater. Still awesome though. I’d kill for a Rockette’s legs.

    Saturday, I was up bring an early for my first gig with my new radio station. My blogger friend Sandy stopped by to say hi. She and her family just moved to Dallas from North Carolina. Hiii Sandy!

    After my appearance I met Stu and Zach at Applebee’s for lunch. Once we got home,  Zach and I took naps while Stu worked.

    It was my week to serve at church, so at 5pm I headed out. When I got home I took Zach outside for some play time. I passed him playing a football and as he ran full force towards it, he took a spill on the driveway and whacked his head. Ugh. Poor baby scraped up the left side of his face too. We rushed him inside so I could clean him up and ice the huge goose egg protruding out from his forehead. Stu got him a popsicle and once he saw that all his tears went away.

    Next up, bath time.

    Look how beat up Z looks. Poor guy :(

    Natalie, our sitter came over around 7:30 so Stu and I could go to Glenn’s book signing at Barnes & Noble.

    My dear friend Michelle came out to get her books signed. Love you Gigi!

    After the signing, we walked across the street for a late dinner at Truluck’s. Mmmm, I could eat there every week.

    Today, I bailed on my spinning class for the 4th day in a row and opted for lunch with my guys. After lunch, I headed down to Dallas for my air shift.

    Just like old times. This was a full circle moment here- I was behind the board with a belly {again!}. I haven’t been on the air not pregnant in 2 years!

    I got home around 7:30 pm, fed Zach, played with Zach and than put him down.

    Stu is at the Eagles/Cowboys game now. I’ll bet money he’s the only Eagles fan there. Bless his heart.

    Tomorrow we are another week closer to Christmas. Woo hoo!

    How was your weekend?

  • June26th

    Hi hi hi!

    Today was a BIG day for me. I was back on the radio after ten lovely months off.

    Stu left me this cute note on my headphones this morning. Sweet guy.

    I have to admit I was a little sad leaving my Zach this morning at 9:00. I haven’t been away from him for this long since, well, never. By the time I got home this afternoon {3:45} he was napping and didn’t wake up until 5:00.

    That being said, I truly did love being back on the air. I wasn’t all that nervous. Since I’m still with CBS, the board and audio systems are all the same, so I was familiar with the equipment. Dallas listeners, you guys were so welcoming. Thank you.

    the board

    And the view isn’t all the bad either.

    Well, hello Dallas!

    Looking out and seeing the skyline of the city you’re talking too makes for a good day :)

    I’ll be filling in tomorrow 10-3 {central time,} so all my east coasters, listen from 11-4, okay? Go to and click on “listen live.”

    Here’s a quick vid from today.

    And the perfect ending to a perfect day:

    Zach’s new thing is making this smooshy face. Gotta LOVE this kid.


    Thanks for all the sweet emails, tweets and facebook messages. You are the best ever!

  • June5th

    Hey hey!

    I guess it’s time to spill the beans. I’ve been keeping a dirty little secret from you.

    I’m getting back in the saddle y’all (pun intended.)

    After having a baby and moving halfway across the country I’ve decided to dive back into radio. The past 10.5 months have been a total whirlwind. From the second we found out I was pregnant I knew I didn’t want to go back to work full-time. This is still the case. I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to stay home with Zach. I couldn’t imagine leaving him all day long with a nanny only to have them experience all of his firsts before me {ain’t happening}; first smile, first giggle, first roll over, first ma-ma, da-da, first crawl, you get the picture. I know that isn’t possible for everyone, but I’m so glad it is for me. He is my #1 priority. It has been a complete joy staying home with him. With that being said, I knew deep down I couldn’t leave radio forever. Hello? This momma needs an outlet. I miss interviews, hosting events, meeting new people, free concerts all of it. I won’t bore you with a million details but just wanted to let you know that I’ll be back on the air  Friday June 22nd. The station is 103.7 Lite FM. It’s somewhat of a departure from the format I’ve done in the past which was top 40. This station is lite AC (adult contemporary.) It’s more chill. In other words, no more talking up Nikki Minaj. Try The Frey, hahaha. Jay-Z? Forget it, more like Rick Springfield. Show content is what’s most important to me, not the music per se. I’ll be doing fill-in shifts here and there. It’s the perfect situation for me. I can be at home with Zach with no commitment to a full-time job, but also get to play radio now and then. It’s a win win!

    You can read the official press release HERE.

    So that’s kinda what’s been going on in my little world lately.

    Zach is getting faster and faster every day. This kid is no joke when it comes to his crawling skills.

    "try and catch me mommy."

    Sonic hooked me up {again.} I was thrilled to see 8 extra cherries sitting at the bottom of my diet cherry limeade today. It totally pays to ask for extra cherries. Make it clear to them you don’t want extra cherry juice, you want actual cherries. Bam!

    little bites of crack

    I inhaled snacked on rice cakes covered in biscoff butter while I chugged my this delicious bevvi.

    best combo ever

    Zach’s Baby Einstein dvd collection came in the mail today. He and I were both very excited about this. Whenever I’m getting his meals ready, I plop him in his high chair, bust out my laptop and throw a BE dvd in. Zach watches in amazement while I prepare his meals. #Winning

    Next week my friend Nicole is coming down for a few days. Yay! Very excited to see her.

    fist pump bitches

    So far, since we’ve been in TX, we’ve had a someone come down every month. Impressive, huh? I’m lucky to have such great family and friends. It also doesn’t hurt to have a cute kid. Sorry Zach, but I’m selling ya in order to get people to come visit us. So far, my plan has worked. Boooo-yahh!


  • October23rd

    This morning I awoke to Danielle’s text “be there in 10.” My alarm never went off, and if it did, I obviously didn’t hear it. I’ve never gotten ready so fast in my life. Today was my last Nordie Trend show. WAHHHHH. I’m still in denial. Do you think The Galleria or Northpark Center in Dallas has trend shows? Oh God I hope so. We had a blasty as usual. This year the trend show was in the actual mall. I think the center court. It was MUCHO better. It didn’t feel as cramped. It actually felt as if we were sitting front row at fashion week or something. Fancy. I told Danielle that she must carry on the Trend show tradition and keep going. I’ll be there in spirit…haha.

    quick pic from our seats

    As soon as the show ended, I met these two cuties, Samantha and Meg. They came right up to me and introduced themselves. Sam and Meg drove up from DE to attend their very first trend show and to meet me. I am so flattered. I made them pinky swear to keep coming to these shows. They are so much fun and the perfect excuse for “girl time.”

    hey hey hey!

    I was on the air at Q102 for seven years. It’s been almost three years since I left and went to 923NOW. It blows my mind that I sometimes get recognized when I’m out. It’s sort of a mix of people that used to listen to me on the radio, or people that read my blog. Whatever the case may be, I really truly appreciate you so much for following me throughout the years. I’m sending you virtual hugs and kisses. MWAH!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh, and of course I will still blog from Dallas. Absolutely.

    Sorry for getting off track…

    Okay, so after the trend show, we mocked 8 over to the Laura Mercier counter. I was determined to get my hands on the Bare Peach lip gloss. I’m a bitch and bought the last two tubes. Sorry, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, ya know? I was also sold on Lancome’s newest mascara, Hypnose Doll lashes.  I like the new wand so clearly that was reason enough to buy a tube.

    As Dan and I were walking towards the doors (we were almost outta there, ) what caught my eye but these MUST HAVE UGG BRIENNE booties.

    Ahhh Haaaaah!! These boots are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean I have to wear flats for the rest of my life. Yes, there are certainly days where I miss wearing my 4″ clogs and wedges. I have to be realistic about it though. I can’t tote around my 9 week old in those clunkers. I’m bound to trip and fall. That would definitely not be cool (or safe.) What I love about these Uggs is that the heel is thick and soft. The shoe itself is heavy and feels super sturdy, not to mention they’re ultra comfy. Sold. This is fab news, because now I can wear my long jeans again. Hooray!! These boots should seriously be marketed to moms who don’t want to wear flats for the rest of eternity everywhere. Go me!

    Stu’s aunt and cousin arrived at our house shortly after I got home from the trend show. They’re here until tomorrow (Sunday.) We had lunch at Cosi (they had never been,) and dinner at Seasons 52 (big surprise there.) It’s been a long-ass day and now I’m completely $pent.

    Going to bed! Hope you’re having a great weekend-