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  • October30th

    Okay, okay. So It’s Halloween Eve. Big deal. Come Friday, this chick will officially be in the CHRISTMAS spirit. I may have started playing holiday music already. Confession: Our Christmas lights are getting put up next week. We won’t turn them on “on” until Thanksgiving, but at least they’ll be up and ready to go. Speaking of Christmas cheer, this new Baily’s creamer sure did wake me right up this morning.


    White chocolate peppermint bark creamer. It’s pretty unbelievable. I found it at Kroger. As I sipped my coffee, I thought about how fun it will be to decorate our new 12 ft Christmas tree (in a few weeks.)


    And I had Blake on blast too.


    Zach and I braved the rain and went to Target earlier. He was obsessed with the umbrella and wanted to keep it open while we were shopping. I diverted his attention by getting Z a cake pop from Starbs. Worked like a charm.


    I came across this amazing-ness while we were there. NYX in Target? YES! YES! YES! Their lip butter is the out of control. I wear apple strudel and maple blondie most of the time.

    Tonight we’re taking the kids our church’s fall festival. After we check it out, we’re dropping them back off at home (with a sitter) and going to the season opener of the MAVS game! Woot Woot!

    I’m hosting my first Stella & Dot party in two weeks. I think November is a great time to do these little shindigs because everyone is in the Christmas shopping mode. Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa!

    On a Yankee candle note, you have to get pumpkin wreath. Oh my goodness! It’s so yummy. You better believe I stocked up a million tarts too.


    I’m ashamed to admit this, but last night I made soup from scratch for the first time, like ever. I found it on pinterest, via

    Btw, are you following me on pinterest? If you’re not, you should.

    Okay, back to the soup. It came out better than I thought. Actually, it was pretty darn amazing.

    It’s a skinny veggie detox soup.


    Even better the next day. Trust.

    Okay kids, Stu is walking in and we’ve gotta go! Have a great night!

  • September25th

    It’s hump day, woot woot!

    First off, I have to share with you some pics I took over the last few days. They are way to presh not to share.


    Ainslee and Zach are becoming much more aware of each other. She loves watching him. And when he laughs, she laughs. We were at our church cafe yesterday having a snack before going into the big play room, aka: the bubble room.


    Our babysitter snapped this of Z Monday afternoon. I can’t even…


    And lastly, check this one out. Zach loves his ipad and at one point I looked over and saw him showing Ainslee what it’s all about. He LOVES the duck duck moose apps. It amazes me how much he’s learning. Shapes, numbers, colors and puzzles are his jam.

    About that MK crossbody purse? Ugh. This will not work for me. I love it, but the buckle is bigger than life and won’t stop tapping when I walk. That will drive me crazy. I’m returning it.


    My friend Marina insists I get the Rebecca Minkoff mini mac. I’m highly considering it.

    Mini MAC - Black

    Jennifer Lawrence is a fan of the mini mac too.


    Oh, and stitch fix! I received my first box last Friday! Have you heard about this amazeballs service?? Basically you fill out a style survey and once a month you get a box full of goodies! Five things were sent to me; two sweaters, a top, a pair of jeans and a necklace. I kept the two sweaters and sent back the rest. This concept of having a personal shopper is pretty bad ass. What I love about SF is that there is no commitment. You can get a fix every month, every six months, or only once and you can cancel at any time!

    CLICK HERE to use my code and order your first fix. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.


    I hear the kids. Gotta go! Have a great day!


  • September20th

    Happy Friday, woot woot!

    If you’re like me, you’ve got a cuppa joe in your hand right now. And if you’re really like me, it’s pumpkin flavored.

    Some food for thought.


    Ain’t that the truth?


    My mom better book her plane ticket for Christmas. I keep telling her that the prices are only going to go up at this point. Hurry up Marzy!


    I didn’t believe that Zach actually took naps at school until his teacher sent me this presh pic. Now I feel stupid.

    I’ve got to buy a large utility bag for all the crap we have to lug to school. When I saw the other moms carrying one, I wondered why. Why would they need such a huge picnic basket sized bag for their preschooler? Welp, after this week, now I know. There is so much stuff these kids need and it doesn’t help that we have to take their nap mats home every day either. You should see me trying to roll Ainslee in/out, while walking with Zach, and juggling the stroller, his bag, lunch box, nap mat, etc. It’s a show. A total show. Ugh. Rant over. I’m just going to have to get this ridiculous bag.


    Wanna feel old?


    My friend Lori tagged me in this pic on fb. I loved my cabbage patch kid. Did you have one? I remember my mom specifically bought a blonde cpk with the name “Lisa.” I’ve got to get Ainslee one at some point.

    Tomorrow my friend Jenn and I are running a local 5K. This will my second 5K since having Ainslee. One night a few months ago, I inhaled a sleeve, yes a huge, long never-ending sleeve of oreos. It was also at 10:30 at night. And to make matters worse, I was hiding in the pantry popping them back, haha. I was so mad at myself post oreo coma, that I ended up registering to run a few 5K’s and two half marathons. That is how gross and disgusting I felt!! Want some racing motivation? Eat 106 oreos before bed. That’ll do it. #fatty

    I’ve been on the lookout for a small crossbody bag. I want something just big enough to hold my money, gloss and phone. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. After doing extensive purse research (I can’t believe I had to do any in the first place,) I found this Michael Kors Charlton crossbody bag. I’m digging it. This is exactly what I had in mind. I can always count on Zappos’ speedy delivery. This baby will be crossed over my bod by Monday! It’s so perfect for our trip to Louisville next month and Tampa in November.


    Okay, sorry to cut this short but I’m already late! Off to KISS. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  • September17th

    Work Bitch

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    Hey there!

    Today has been crazy. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are always nuts. After I dropped off Zach at school this morning, Jenn, Coleen and I went for a quick 3 miler. We were so slow and I felt sluggish. Note to self, don’t eat a huge-ass bowl of cereal 7 mns before bed.

    I’m psyched because Sarah is in for the trend show next Saturday. It’ll be my first DALLAS one, yee haw!


    Ainslee’s latest bow delivery came yesterday. Etsy is taking our money! Some of you have asked what shops I buy her bows from and honestly, they are totally random stores. Babylicious is the only one I can remember. A lot of the shops want you to “like” their fb page in order to get 10% off. I do that all the time. 10% is 10% man.

    Can we please talk about Target for a minute?? When are my amazing oh-so-comfy flannels coming back?? I’m there everyday all the time, and as soon as I walk through those magical sliding glass doors, I anticipate a grandiose flannel display right out in front. Boo- I have yet to see them. Hurry up Targs!

    Britney is back. “Work Bitch” is a smash. I can’t stop listening to it. Her new album drops December 3rd. It’s set in my iCal. Did you see her on GMA yesterday?

    [yframe url='

    Starting in December, she’ll be doing shows every other weekend at Planet Hollywood for two years. I heard she’s getting 15 million a year. That’s hardly enough to live on. Sheesh.

    Okay, baby is up from her nap. Dinner time!

    Have a great night!