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  • September17th

    Work Bitch

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    Hey there!

    Today has been crazy. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are always nuts. After I dropped off Zach at school this morning, Jenn, Coleen and I went for a quick 3 miler. We were so slow and I felt sluggish. Note to self, don’t eat a huge-ass bowl of cereal 7 mns before bed.

    I’m psyched because Sarah is in for the trend show next Saturday. It’ll be my first DALLAS one, yee haw!


    Ainslee’s latest bow delivery came yesterday. Etsy is taking our money! Some of you have asked what shops I buy her bows from and honestly, they are totally random stores. Babylicious is the only one I can remember. A lot of the shops want you to “like” their fb page in order to get 10% off. I do that all the time. 10% is 10% man.

    Can we please talk about Target for a minute?? When are my amazing oh-so-comfy flannels coming back?? I’m there everyday all the time, and as soon as I walk through those magical sliding glass doors, I anticipate a grandiose flannel display right out in front. Boo- I have yet to see them. Hurry up Targs!

    Britney is back. “Work Bitch” is a smash. I can’t stop listening to it. Her new album drops December 3rd. It’s set in my iCal. Did you see her on GMA yesterday?

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    Starting in December, she’ll be doing shows every other weekend at Planet Hollywood for two years. I heard she’s getting 15 million a year. That’s hardly enough to live on. Sheesh.

    Okay, baby is up from her nap. Dinner time!

    Have a great night!

  • September20th

    Hi guys!

    I slacked off yesterday. Sorry.

    Anyway-  here’s a vlog featuring the one and only Zach Attack!

    Stu’s in San Antonio for Glenn’s Unelectable show tonight. My three friends and I are going. It’s in theaters nationwide. Looking forward to some good laughs at Obama’s expense.

    Have a great night!

  • September11th

    Thank you so much for being patient with me on this. Life has been super hectic lately and now that Zach’s walking, I really have a limited time frame to do anything. I told you earlier last month that I would post a vlog of my testimony on how I got pregnant with baby #2. We have been blessed yes, but with the way things played out this time around, it was ALL GOD and he was loud and clear with me. I forgot to mention in the video that at one point we even went to a fertility specialist to seek other options outside of clomid. Obviously, that visit never happened because God swooped in and hit us with this tiny little miracle. I cannot wait to share my story with our church, but I’m especially happy and proud to tell it to you here first. #Amen #Blessed #Faith #Hope

    Real quick, I’m 17 weeks (as of Monday) and the baby is the size of my favorite Thanksgiving side dish, a turnip!

    17 weeks!!

    And now my story.

    After the baby arrives, my next tattoo will read (in a pretty, fancy script, of course) “Psalm 37:4.” It’s going on my left shoulder.

  • August22nd

    After everything that went down on Monday afternoon, I needed to unwind and relax. Ya know, enjoy my life since GOD spared it. What better way to not take life too seriously, than to dance from my kitchen chair.

    Oh yes, I went there.

    You know my moves are stellar. Admit it.

    Okay, back to reality. Did you enjoy that?

    Zach’s birthday party in PA was fantastic. It was everything I envisioned it to be, and more. We temporarily moved back into our old house for a few days, visited all of our old friends, ate at our favorite restaurants, I ran the canal, went to the NAC and took several spinning classes- we really truly enjoyed ourselves. I found it bittersweet to be back in Yardley. As much as I LOVE living in Texas, part of me desperately misses home, my friends and of course my gym family.

    Some pic’s from our trip and Z’s party.

    Those cake toppers from Etsy were the best.

    We have the greatest friends in the world. After 7 months of being away, everyone of them came over to celebrate. We are so blessed.

    Zach didn’t know what to make of the icing at first. The texture seemed weird to him, but after one lick, the kid was hooked.

    cake coma?

    Zach and my dad, aka “papa”

    one of my very best friends’, Danielle.

    Zach’s Godmother, Cynthia.

    We have one more party to get through this weekend and than Zach’s party streak is over.

    Hope you enjoyed the pics.